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Inform Yourself: What to Know about the Deep Web

by Unallocated Author

The average person is completely oblivious about the Deep Web’s existence, let’s change that. Starting with the basics: what is it exactly? Is it the same as the Dark Web? The internet that we know is essentially just the tip of the iceberg for the actual internet that is available out there.

Unreachable by popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, the Deep Web and the Dark Web are completely unregulated and need a special browser to be found. Tor is the browser most users use to access the sites on the Deep and Dark Webs. It allows the user to be able to browse the Deep and Dark Web sites with total anonymity with the use of proxy servers and VPN services.

Keep in mind that authorities are well aware of what goes on in the Deep Web as well as the Dark Web. The Deep Web is the first area of the Darknet and is the more commonly accessed part but if you think things couldn’t get anymore shadier, you’d be wrong. The depth of the Darknet is referred to as the Dark Web and is where the worst of the worst come together for criminal activity.

While some users may use the Darknet because of the ability to remain anonymous, others are using it for criminal activities. Every disgusting and illegal thing you can think of is available on there, which is the obvious reason behind law enforcement’s involvement.

Numerous law agencies and departments around the world have formed task forces in order to combat the illegal activities that take place in this seedy, underworld. It is not recommended to visit the Deep Web and it is especially not wise to check out the Dark Web. The people that exist on there are hiding for reasons you definitely don’t want to know about.

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