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Busted: Dark Web Xanax Dealer Targeted Vulnerable Women

by Unallocated Author

A 34 year old Derry man, who was allowed to remain anonymous do to the local court’s intervening, has been arrested for both distribution and possession of xanax. Xanax is a common drug used to treat anxiety disorders but some, less savory types, use it illegally in order to “get high”.

The 34 year old was also found to be in possession and charged with crimes involving cocaine and marijuana. He was also in trouble for fraud related charges because of his involvement in selling “chipped” satellite boxes that allowed the buyers to illegally access satellite TV programming.

Original charges were derived from the fraudulent satellite boxes the man was distributing around 2007 but authorities continued to suspect him for drug activities as well. It wasn’t until a local post office came upon a package the man had ordered and flagged it as suspicious that law enforcement became involved. Because of this event, law enforcement immediately petitioned and received search warrants in order to raid and arrest the suspect.

When they executed their search warrants, law enforcement found more than enough evidence of the man’s crimes in order to press serious charges. Several devices were found including a tablet and a mobile phone, which the man refused to give any access PINs for, were seized.

Despite the refusal of his PINs, authorities were still able to retrieve incriminating data from the suspect’s devices. Data also led authorities to discover the Derry man had a vast knowledge of the Dark Web and the marketplaces available for him to carry out his illegal activities.

Due to the man’s preference for highly vulnerable women, it is expected that the court will not go easy on him during the subsequent trial. Also, because of his customer preference, the courts have deemed it necessary to allow the man to remain anonymous to protect the court as well as the defendant.

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