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Famous Dark Web Thief Phishkingz Threatened to Finally Be Unmasked

by Unallocated Author

It was recently discovered through a Reddit post that the notorious Phishkingz Dark Web user has finally had a taste of his own medicine. Another fellow user, who goes by the online pseudonym InsanityDRM, has made a Reddit post claiming to know the true identity of the ultimate scammer Phishkingz.

Known for his boasting on Reddit, Phishkingz has proudly been stealing and humiliating Dark Web marketplace users for a number of years. He operates by creating copies of well known Dark Web marketplaces in order to trick users of the original websites into logging into the site to obtain their usernames and passwords.

After obtaining their info, Phishkingz then goes to the original Dark Web marketplace where the user has their true account and proceeds to log in so that he can empty their account of any and all currency. This thief has bragged about the claim that he has been able to steal at least one million dollars through his phishing operation.

Up until now Phishkingz has been operating very successfully and constantly posts on Reddit in order to boast about his activities. “He” even goes as far as to humiliate those he has stolen from using his Reddit posts as a platform. InsanityDRM has an obvious vendetta against Phishkingz and has somehow, presumably, acquired his personal information in order to unmask the phisher once and for all.

It is unknown whether this is a true threat or not and no one knows how Phishkingz is truly reacting to the current situation. However, it is quite obvious that there are many current and former Dark Web users that will be very interested in the unmasking of this intelligent phisher. Hopefully, there will be legal action on some part in the process.

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