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Nintendo’s Switch Cracked – Can Now Run Linux

by Unallocated Author

Nintendo’s The Switch hacking community has made quite a progress in the last few weeks.

Numerous cyber expert groups came forward to demonstrate their projects recently. Among all these projects, the most impressive one was from Fail0verflow, as they posted an image on Twitter exhibiting that they had successfully injected Nintendo’s Switch with Linux, an open source OS.

What many users found very impressive was how the code appeared to be uploaded onto the Switch’s system via the right Joy-Con terminal.

The hack showed how the data is transferred from the gaming console to the controllers when they are connected.

It hackers were able to find a method through which they could use data terminals to inject code into the Switch itself.

This shows that the Joy-Con terminal may be used to perform quite a few impressive things, and hackers may be able to make progress in the future.

Since Linux is highly customizable, hackers may get the Switch to do a lot of functions that it was never intended for when developed.

This could even open the door for the Android technology to be brought over, since Linux is used as a foundation by the Android.

Similarly, the PlayStation 3 was originally shipped with the ability for Linux to be installed on to it, which was later removed by Sony when it was realized that this could prove to be a security risk.

As these types of hacks can potentially open the door for piracy of the software, it was fortunate that Fail0verflow decided to keep their findings to themselves.


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