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TIM and Cisco Join Hands to Enhance the IT Security of Italian Companies

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TIM is a leading company of Italy which provides mobile and fixed telecommunication services. In partition with another company, Cisco, it has initiated a platform named “TIM Safe WEB” which is a highly safe platform service which prevents small businesses to fall prey to any malware such as phishing, ransomware and other malicious acts of this sort.

“TIM Safe Web” is a union of TIM’s unique technologies and Cisco’s capabilities such as Umbrella cloud-based platforms of security. This leverages a database of threat intelligence which remains constantly updated. This service enhancement will be offered to 600.000 TIM Business customers so that their security can be improved which is otherwise very prone to cyber-attacks.

This system will introduce a service which will mostly allow blocking navigation to sites which are malicious and which aim to steal confidential or personal information from different sites, private codes and financial data, and to stop access to sites that can be of any harm to a website or an individual’s private data, or something that intrudes unethically into a system using any some malicious software.  With ‘TIM Safe Web’, the small businesses and medium-sized corporations can have a high level of reliability and quality in terms of cybersecurity. TIM broadband network is a top-quality service which enables safe surfing that ensures benefits not just in terms of security but also in terms of affordability and ease.

This initiative is a representation of a genuinely concrete step towards the actual implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in Barcelona. This initiative provides feasible solutions to businesses so that they can enhance and strengthen their cyber security by bringing about digital transformation within themselves which can guarantee security that is several folds better!

Source: globenewswire


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