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Kylie Cosmetics Instagram Account Hacked! But by Whom?

by Unallocated Author

Tuesday brought shocking news for Kylie Jenner and her fans around the globe. Kylie’s instagram handle that goes by the name of Kylie’s Cosmetics was hacked and the handle was changed to Kris Cosmetics.

The change sent shockwaves throughout as users started to discuss the person behind the attack, but soon it turned out to be nothing but a marketing stunt played by none other than Kylie’s own mother, Kris Jenner.

The Purpose Behind It

Mother’s Day is approaching and Kris wanted to publicize her own brand which is launching this Mother’s Day. Hence, she changed the handle of Kylie’s Instagram to her own line, Kris’s Cosmetics and shared a story stating “ Kylie Cosmetics Hacked.” This story was the reason behind all the buzz of Kylie Instagram being hacked.

However, she soon made another post to clear the air. It read “Hi dolls ready for me to take over. Guess who?”

The Hack Was To Market A Mother’s Day Makeup Collection

The latest post was a short video displaying makeup collection as Kylie’s mother steps out of a Rolls Royce with a furry coat dragging along the floor. Kylie is just to comment on the instance and we are still not sure if her mother actually hacked her account (we doubt) or she was a part of the whole thing.

The Bottomline

It was rather a strange hack yet a good marketing stunt indeed.

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