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Costa Rica Government Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

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This past Sunday night and Monday morning, a group of Pakistani hackers that goes by the name of Pak Monster Cyber Thunder attacked government websites of Costa Rica and took them down.

Which Websites Were Compromised?

  • The Municipality of Puntarenas
  • Municipality of Matina
  • Municipality of Corridors
  • Municipality of San Isidro
  • Presidential House
  • Minaet
  • MEP
  • MCJ
  • Ministry of Security
  • OIJ

These websites were taken down but after a few hours, some websites were restored.

What Does The Cyber Security Team In Costa Rica Had To Say?

The Ministry of Science, MICIT (telecommunications) and the technology departments are responsible for managing the government’s cyber security systems. Surprisingly, none of the departments made any comments on this large scale cyber attack.

What Was The Motive Behind The Hack?

The government of Costa Rica believes that the reason behind this hack was due to their ties with the US and Israeli governments, and may have been prompted by the US withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and the recent attacks in Israel.

They believe that the threat is real and may be targeting other US and Israeli allies in the future who are supporting the nuclear agreement.  

The Bottomline

This hack may have been the beginning which is why it is important for other countries to strengthen their cyber security systems to avoid such an attack.

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