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Black Box Chip Invented To Prevent Hacking

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The internet and technology have become a way of life for us all. From cars to homes, we depend on technology. While it serves as a relief to us, there are always drawbacks to it. In case of the internet, the risks involves hacking.

In the past few months, we have seen cryptocurrency hacks, data hacks, bank hacks, phone hacks, social media hacks and whatnot. Keeping that in mind, researchers have invented a black box chip that makes it difficult for hackers to hack into a system.

There was a need to come up with a working solution to prevent hacking, and this black box seems to be the answer to it.

What Is The Black Box Chip?

It’s a memory chip that makes the entire system complex so that hackers can’t clone the system. A circuit that is made up of black box chips (memory resistors), makes it hard to predict the voltage outputs of a system.

This makes it nearly impossible to clone a system, create nodes in a network to attack it. Hence, this chip can help prevent hacking.

Who Invented It?

An electrical and computer engineering professor at University Of California, Dmitri Strukov, is working on this technology and it will soon be available commercially to prevent hacking.

The Bottomline

While the technology is still in its testing stage, there finally looks hope to prevent hacking in the future.

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