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Goliath and Goliath Hacked: R300,000 ($24,000) Stolen

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Goliath and Goliath is an entertainment and comedy agency that suffered a large hack recently. Hackers are said to have stolen R300,000 ($24,000) using phishing scams.

The hack was rather an unusual one where the hackers intercepted invoices and changed the transaction details by replacing the bank details to be precise.

So far, around R60,000 to R130,000 have been transferred to the hacker’s account.

That’s not all, one of the subsidiary of the company called The PR Bailiff also got hacked and lost R20,000.

How Was Goliath and Goliath Hacked?

Kate Goliath, the CEO of Goliath and Goliath, was told by a client about a suspicious activity that involved the invoice system. The bank account number on the invoice was other than Goliath’s own. This information was sent to the CEO via email by a client.

The hacker who sent invoice email to the customer also sent numerous emails asking them to show payment proof. The emails were sent with a gap of just 2 hours and stopped when the client showed proof of payment.

Upon investigation it was found that around 700 emails were sent altogether from Kate’s email to different customers. This also caused Kate’s email service suspended as the number of emails sent resulted in it being considered as spam.

The hacker must have got a hold of Kate’s email and looted the customers by using her identity.

Goliath and Goliath Hacked: The Bottomline

Security authorities have tracked down the bank account number where the money was transferred and further actions are yet to be taken.


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