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New Firefox Release Will Stop Malicious Crypto Mining and Enhance Users’ Privacy

by Harikrishna Mekala

The next October 2018 update for Firefox will include tracking protection as well as adding an additional layer of protection that will protect its users from being crypto mining websites. Tracking Protection in Firefox will be enabled by default as it is an essential part of today’s Internet. Most users don’t know that this feature exists because it is under so many sub menus.

Tracking Protection will protect against malicious JavaScript and also prevents data sharing between websites. “You’re often followed by scripts that collect data on where you’ve been and what you’ve done,” Mozilla noted in a Wednesday blog post. “These scripts can eat up your data, slow down your Internet experience and make you see ads for things you may or may not want to admit you looked for when you went down one of those “suggested items” rabbit holes.”

Tracking protection will stop the process that logs user data for sharing between websites. This is great for Internet users as it will improve the user experience. The tracking protection feature will also prevent malicious websites from selling your information. This scale of security is good for the working professionals and business users. The protection against crypto miners, tracking cookies and threats that are blocked by the tracking protection can be very important in aiding users to evade security risks.

The release of Firefox 63 will also be simple to use with new UI elements that provide easy toggle tracking protection. The aim of the tracking protection is to prevent unwanted advertisements, social sharing scripts and analytics.

At present, you won’t be able to block the cryptocurrency mining websites with Firefox itself, however in the meantime you can install add-ons for privacy and blocking crypto mining activities. Mozilla foundation also released the roadmap for 2018 by featuring many improvements that will improve the life of developers.

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