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Ticketfly Website Offline As It Recovers From Hack

by Abeerah Hashim

Hacking does not always focus on government institutions or popular organizations. Sometimes, the hackers seem interested in hacking low-level yet otherwise famous websites too. In a similar attempt, an events ticketing firm was victimized. Yesterday, the Ticketfly website went offline as it endeavored to recover from a hacking attempt. Nonetheless, the company boldly stated about this incident on its official Ticketfly Twitter account as well as on its website to inform the users.

Ticketfly Website Went Offline To Recover Cyber Attack

Things were going seemingly fine until May 31, 2018, when the users began noticing unusual things with the Ticketfly website at around 9 p.m. PST. The company’s official web page was defaced by a group of hackers who identified themselves as IsHaKdZ. The web page then displayed an image of Guy Fawkes along with a daring message by the hackers, “Your Security Down im Not Sorry”.

Besides the message, the hackers boldly left a Yandex email address as well, claiming to reveal the company’s “backstage” database. This database supposedly contained all the information about the clients, venues, promoters, and details about the festivals availing Ticketfly services.

After the hacking attempt, the Ticketfly website went offline, leaving a clear message for its users about what was happening.

Ticketfly website went offline

Is Ticketfly’s Database Also Hacked?

According to Motherboard, the company’s user data has been compromised. The hackers allegedly have uploaded hacked data in the form of CSV files on a server. These files apparently contain all details of Ticketfly’s employees and customers. However, the authenticity of this data is yet to be verified by Ticketfly employees.

The company’s officials are however working day and night to investigate the matters. As a precautionary measure, they have taken offline the official Ticketfly website, and are continually updating their users through tweets.

Ticketfly is an indie-focused ticketing company that was purchased last year by Eventbrite. The company sells tickets for several major nightclubs in the USA. While the Ticketfly website is still down, the parent company Eventbrite’s website is working fine.

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