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Finally, Apple Allows Telegram To Update Its Messaging App

by Abeerah Hashim
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Apple’s ban on Telegram has been swirling in the news for some days. After Russia’s ban on Telegram, Apple faced a lot of pressure to remove this app from the App Store. However, we now bring some good news for Telegram users. Finally, Apple allows Telegram to update its messaging app for the first time since March.

Apple Allows Telegram For Its First Update

After Russia banned Telegram, deeming it illegal, the authorities put severe pressure on Apple to remove this app from Russian App Store. Although it appeared that the ban would trouble the Russian Telegram users only. However, Apple blocked the messaging app globally from receiving any updates. Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, revealed this incident in one of his tweets in the past week.

It is still not clear why a countrywide ban for Russia resulted in worldwide trouble for Telegram users. However, things now seem to reach a solution as Apple allows Telegram to release its first update to the App Store after facing a ban since March.

Reportedly, Telegram developers refused to deliver decryption keys to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) that would let them access the Telegram users’ data. This resulted in a nationwide ban on Telegram by considering it illegal in Russia.

Telegram’s CEO Thanks Apple For Removing The Ban

Telegram’s CEO’s complaining tweet seemingly worked, as Apple decided to lift the ban on its messaging app. The company can now release its updates for the iOS version of the app too. Pavel Durov was quick to inform Telegram users about this development, once again, through a tweet.


The recent Telegram update is especially notable after the mandatory compliance for GDPR by companies implemented in later May. Telegram was a bit late to update its policies according to GDPR.

Although, the removal of Apple’s ban doesn’t reflect a safe escape for Telegram as it is still involved in a legal fight with Russia. However, Apple users living in the rest of the world, who also love Telegram, will now enjoy their favorite app with the latest updates.

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