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Zarp – A Free Network Attack Framework

by Unallocated Author

Zarp is a powerful tool used for scanning and attacking networks. The tool is capable of launching the denial of service attacks, poisoning the network, sniffing different systems, scanning for running services, managing sessions, and dumping information.

Installing Zarp

cloning zarp

Zarp can be installed on the system by cloning the GIT repository.

git clone https://github.com/hatRiot/zarp.git

Although Zarp is made dependency free, still there are some packages that need to be installed to make the tool work properly. These dependencies can be installed using the following command.

pip install -r requirements.txt

How Zarp Works

Zarp has multiple attack vectors as mentioned above. All the Zarp utilities can be explored by typing the following command.

sudo ./zarp.py

The above command loads all the Zarp modules and displays the options that can be selected to sniff, scan, or attack the network.  For example, to launch Denial of Service (DoS) attack, one needs to select DoS attack option from the provided list as shown in the following screen shot.

zarp py

The DoS attack gives different DoS attack vectors like DHCP starvation, LAND, RA, Nestea, SMB, and TCP SYN. We can choose the desired DoS attack vector from aforesaid options. For instance, we select the TCP SYN DoS attack on a specific IP address in the network. TCP SYN attack is a flooding attack that pushes the host in a denial state by overloading the host with multiple packets.

In Zarp, the TCP SYN attack requires a target IP address, port number, and the number of packets used for flooding the network. Suppose we want to attack the network IP with 5000 packets at port number 22. We can achieve this in the following manner

1 5000
3 22

tcp syn attack setting

Similarly, we can use the Zarp for other attack options like poisoner attack through ARP, DNS, and DHCP Spoofing. The complete poisoner options can be seen in the following screenshot.

zarp Poisoner attack options

Zarp tool is a handy for network penetration testing as the tool provides in depth network analysis through scanning and launching different attacks.

What Bunny rating does it get?

Zarp is a pretty nice tool, easy to use tool with some nice ARP based features, not really sure what the DOS based modules would be useful for on a local network pen test/red team though.  As a result we have decided to give this tool a very respectable rating of 3/5 bunnies.


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