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Yale University Data Breach Discovered 10 Years After It Occurred

by Abeerah Hashim

Recently, Yale University discovered a security breach that supposedly targeted the university back in 2008-2009. The investigations that this Yale University data breach exposed personal details as well as Social Security numbers.

Yale University Data Breach Discovered After A Decade

As discovered this week Yale University identified a security breach ten years after its occurred. Reportedly, the breach happened between April 2008 and January 2009 affecting the university’s students and employees. The university originally identified the incident on June 16, 2018, during its vulnerability testing activity for servers.

Allegedly, this Yale University data breach had resulted in unauthorized access to the personal details of the university’s staff and students, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth. Yale has not disclosed anything yet about the hackers and the exact number of victims. However, they have started informing those affected about the breach and they have posted an official data intrusion response.

Financial Details Remained Secured

While the breach exposed explicit personal details of those affected, the University confirms that the financial details remained safe commenting;

‘The data included names and Social Security numbers and, in nearly all cases, dates of birth. In many cases, there were also Yale e-mail addresses and, in some cases, physical addresses. There was no financial information about anyone.’

Yale University is now offering identity monitoring services to the affected individuals.

This incident marks the second data breach reported at a university within the last month. A short while ago, we heard about the Purdue University data breach that exposed 26,000 records.

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