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Mention Suffered Data Breach Due To A Third-Party Service Provider

by Abeerah Hashim

Social media monitoring app ‘Mention’ have announced a data leak it suffered indirectly. As with many others before it, the app suffered this problem due to a security break at a third party vendor. Mention facilitates various brands by providing filtered data required for various strategies. Some of their clients include Deliveroo, Adobe, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

Mention Suffered Data Breach Due To A Third Party Vendor

On Friday, Mention – a social media monitoring app for other brands – disclosed an indirect data breach it suffered through a third party vendor. The news surfaced online after a user of Mention received an email from the CEO of Mention, Matthieu Vaxelaire, informing about a data breach incident.

Mention suffered data breach

Reportedly, Mention suffered data breach following a security breach at a third party vendor managing its marketing stack. The security breach also affected several other clients of that undisclosed service provider.

As per the emails, the data breach happened in July. Breached details include names, email addresses, account profile details including plan value, account creation date, and number of mentions and alerts.

Mention Reported The Matter To The Authorities

After noticing the breach, Mention quickly reported the matter to the French authorities for data protection. While the leaked data includes Mention users’ personal details, the CEO confirms the payment details, login credentials, authentication tokens and passwords remained safe from the breach.

He further asks the customers to stay wary of any phishing scams.

“There is no action to be taken on your side. But we recommend you to be careful with phishing scams (as always).”

Moreover, he also pledges to maintain data security while the firm investigates more details about the matter.

“Your data security is a top priority for us. We are reviewing all our data flows to ensure your information remains absolutely safe.”

Third party data breaches are emerging as a new ‘trend’ of security breaches. Not much time has passed since we heard of the massive Typeform data breach affecting a plethora of clients.

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