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Ways How Site Security Impacts SEO

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Unfortunately, cyber-crime is on the rise. As a result, your website can easily become compromised by a hacker, which could affect your SEO rankings. Besides all the work required to remedy the issue, you might also notice that your SEO rankings are affected when you search for your site on Serpbook.  

Here are five ways how site security impacts SEO


When your site gets hacked, it may reduce your traffic. Ultimately, this reduces SEO rankings and ROI. When your site doesn’t have a secure connection, web browsers and search engines alike will not prioritize it. Why? Search engines are concerned about your visitors’ safety, and if your site cannot assure them that, they will prioritize other sites. Worse still, your website could get blocked, or completely removed from search engine results. 


Search engines will identify any site that becomes infected with malware. Once detected, it will be added to a blacklist, and search engines will consider it as a dangerous site. It may end up getting blocked. Moreover, it may affect your traffic, and search engine rankings. So, if your site has a malware, you should address the issue immediately.


Some websites use plugins from an authority site, if yours is among them, you have to ensure that the plugins are up to date at all times. Otherwise, hackers may gain access to your website, impacting your SEO rankings. The only means to prevent this mishap is by ensuring that everything about your site is updated. 

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SEO spam and comment spam

When your site doesn’t have spam protection, your posts are at risk of getting comment spam. This could see you get Google’s ranking penalty – User-Generated Spam penalty. SEO spam may also cause hackers to gain access to your site, and they may tamper with it, affecting your search engine rankings says Daniel Foley’s SEO consultancy.


Unlike the period when listing your site’s information publicly was regarded as an excellent way to gain trust, site owners today are advised to have Whois Privacy. It helps to keep your domain private, and this significantly reduces your chances of getting hacked.


Site security has a notable impact on SEO rankings because once your site is compromised, hackers can do what they want with it. Such a move could see you lose traffic or even get your site removed from search engine results. Therefore, it is imperative for you to implement all site security measures to prevent such an incidence. Read more: long beach seo services   

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