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Google Faces Lawsuit For Tracking Users Even When Location History Is Turned Off

by Harikrishna Mekala
Google bug bounty program

Google is now facing a class action lawsuit for tracking their user’s phones even when the location history is turned off as it still stores some of the location data based on Google search and maps.

Google has updated the description of Help Page…

The case was filed against Google on Friday and immediately the company has updated its help page to tell users that the company still stores some location data and turning the location history off doesn’t stop data being held from services such as search and maps. The lawsuit is claiming that Google is falsely using the phrase “History Location Off”.

“Google expressly described to users of its operating system and apps that the activation of certain settings will stop the tracking of users’ geolocations. The representation was false,” the suit says, according to the court filing.

Is the Company still trying to access the location of the users?

If the company is trying to access and store the location of a user who has chosen to turn off their location history this could be considered as violating their privacy. The suit was filed by Napoleon Patacsil of San Francisco in the federal court of California. As it violates California’s Invasion Privacy Act.

The plaintiff was not happy about the Google’s move to change the description on their website as it says that “some location data may be saved.” as it suggests vague and deceptive behavior. EPIC previously accused Google for violating its 2011 consent order with the FTC over opting Gmail users into its Google Buzz social network without gaining their consent.

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