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Bubblewrap Security Feature Will Be Removed From Ubuntu and CentOS

by Harikrishna Mekala
Bubblewrap removed from ubuntu

Ubuntu and CentOS are disabling a security feature which was added to the GNOME Desktop environment last year. The Security feature named Bubblewrap creates a sandbox environment that secures GNOME’s thumbnail parsers.

Thumbnail parsers are the scripts that read files inside a folder and create a thumbnail image that can be used with the GNOME, KDE and different Linux Desktop Environments. The operation takes place whenever the user navigates to directories within the OS where there is a need to display thumbnail images.

CentOS and Ubuntu disable Bubblewrap feature in their Distros…

Hanno Boeck, A Security Researcher from Germany said that Ubuntu and CentOS are removing Bubblewrap support in their Linux Distributions. A Security Researcher from Google also found that the default versions of CentOS 7.x have Bubblewrap removed from their code already.

The Tech lead Alex Murray and Developers at Canonical said that they didn’t have enough time to audit the feature. “Bubblewrap is comparatively new addition doing some complex things to set up sandboxes,” Murray said. “If we just blindly promote it to [Ubuntu main] and then find out it has a vulnerability itself which we could have caught through code review already that is not a good outcome for our users.”

The Ubuntu Main goes through a serious review process to make sure that only high-quality code gets shipped into the distro hence all the packages go through a serious review process.

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