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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

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EaseUS Data Recovery

Take a look at a modern, digital camera today, and you’ll probably find it uses an SD card in order to save information. These small, convenient little disks can carry a lot of information on them, and can easily transfer your information from camera to computer. 

Unfortunately, SD cards also come with a drawback. They are small, fragile, and easily damaged. Forget the SD card in your pocket until you discover it in the washer, or scratch it up taking it in and out of the camera, and you may end up being unable to access your data.

Sometimes this is not a big deal, and you simply go and get another SD card. At other times, the loss of the priceless pictures or other information on that card is enough to leave you scrambling to look up SD card recovery on Google.

If you looked, you might have a bit of sticker shock. SD card recovery can cost as much as $3,000 to get your lost data back, depending on how many GB of data were stored. Even cheap options can run you $400, forcing you to make a decision between your savings and your memories.

Luckily, if the price of SD card recovery sends you running, there is another option. Free data recovery software. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your lost data back, you can instead download a free data recovery software program and get your data back for free.

Finding free data recovery software that does SD card recovery is somewhat difficult. Many free data recovery software actually only handle computer harddrives, or are specific to one type of information. Luckily, if you’re on a desperate search for options, you do have one.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a free data recovery software program that works on a large variety of different file types and storage devices. Not only can it scan your SD card and aid in SD card recovery, but it can also scan flash drives, hard drives, and more. 

This free data recovery software has two methods of scanning, a quick scan that quickly pulls up lost data, and a deep scan that looks for data that it missed the first time. This makes it an extremely efficient method of recovering your lost data.

If you’re not sure the data it has recovered is what you are looking for, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free allows you to preview data before wasting your time (and getting your hopes up) downloading the unwanted information.

With its simple, easy to use interface, you won’t have to struggle with hard to understand navigation in order to get your information back either. Whether you are working with a camera, camcorder, computer or flashdrive, you can get your information back quickly and easily. You can even get documents back, so if you ever lose an important word document, you can use the same program you used for SD card recovery to get your information.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is an amazing tool that should be in everyone’s arsenal for helping recover their lost data.

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