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Multiple Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Server Infrastructure Allows Arbitrary Code Execution

by Abeerah Hashim
Microsoft SimuLand

Researchers have discovered numerous vulnerabilities in Microsoft server. These vulnerabilities, upon exploit, could threaten the integrity and confidentiality of the systems. Two of these vulnerabilities could even allow arbitrary code execution.

Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Server Infrastructure

Recently, researchers at Swascan have found multiple security vulnerabilities affecting the Microsoft server infrastructure. These vulnerabilities could lead to varying results. They have allegedly discovered several flaws, two of which could result in arbitrary code execution.

As stated in their blog post, the Swascan team has spotted five different security flaws.

“Swascan identified 5 vulnerabilities related to Microsoft’s server infrastructure. If exploited, these weaknesses could have easily impacted the system’s integrity, availability, and confidentiality.”

These include two vulnerabilities with high severity, a single medium severity flaw, and two low severity bugs.

Although, they haven’t explicitly disclosed the actual vulnerabilities. They have hinted about the flaws via CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) types. As deduced from the description, the vulnerabilities predominantly include code injection and improper restrictions of operations within the bounds of memory, and information disclosure flaws. The initial two flaws could lead to arbitrary code execution.

Microsoft Patched The Flaws

Upon discovering the security flaws, Swascan team approached the Microsoft team to alert them of the flaws in Microsoft’s IT infrastructure. Together, they both worked to resolve the issues. Nonetheless, neither Microsoft nor the researchers disclosed the details about the existence and the technicalities of the flaws.

Swascan appreciated the professional handling of this matter by Microsoft experts.

“Microsoft’s focus on our findings, along with email exchanges and evaluations were among the most serious, professional and transparent collaborations.”

The Swascan co-founder, Pierguido Iezzi, also emphasized the importance of close collaboration between security experts and vendors.

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