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How to Safely Sell your Steam Account

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Selling a physical video game is easy. You can auction it on Craigslist or trade it to a friend for something better. Selling an online game or your Steam account, however, can be tricky. Not only can Steam suspend your account if suspected of trading it could also mean the loss of all your games.

But what if you need money urgently and selling your account is the only option? Consider raising money by selling the following Steam items. Also, read to the end to find out how to sell your Steam account.

Sell Games

Steam gives you several options when you purchase a game. You can add it to your library or list it as part of your Steam inventory. Alternatively, you’re allowed to give it away to a friend. When you leave a game on your inventory, it’s much easier to trade it than when it is in your library.

Steam lets you trade games or give them away to friends. But it doesn’t permit selling them. Either way, you have an option to get rid of a game you no longer need. If you need cash for your games, there’s still an option, albeit it involves some risk.

You can use an escrow service to sell games using Steam’s gift-giving option. What this means is that you’ll send someone a game as a gift, but you’ll require money in return. They can pay you through PayPal or Bitcoin afterwards. But you disguise the sale as a gift to avoid attracting Steam’s attention.

Alternatively, you can use outside services to trade skins in your game library for money. Steam may not allow you to do it, but there are dozens of websites in that business. They’re simple to use and could exchange your skins for PayPal money startlingly quick.

Trade Games for Sellable Items

If you’re looking for money to purchase better games and skins, you don’t have to go through the hassle of selling games outside Steam. A more convenient option is to trade games you don’t want for items you could legally sell on the Steam market.

Not everything can be sold on the Steam Market, so beware of what you accept. Games, for example, can’t be sold. But Steam cards and skins can be exchanged for money you could use to purchase games or items you want.

Unfortunately, money in your Steam wallet can’t be withdrawn. You can use it to purchase skins, cards and games, but Valve Corporation doesn’t want you to withdraw it. Of course, the Internet has a way of getting around rules set by video game developers.

The simplest method is to purchase games using your Steam money and then sell them for cash on sites like Opskins.com and Skinwallet.com. But before you sell your skins, it’s always important to compare prices to ensure you get the best value for your items.

Request a Refund from Steam

Steam allows you to ask for a refund within the first 14 days of purchasing a game. You can only get refunds for games you played less than two hours, though. But even if you don’t meet the two conditions, you can try your luck.

Steam has a history of refunding games even after its 14-day policy is over. But that only happens in rare conditions. For the most part, you can only get your money back within a fortnight of purchasing a game.

If you want to request refunds for loot boxes, however, Steam can’t help you. The gaming network only fulfils refunds for items you purchased from Steam, and not on individual games. If your request is accepted, Steam sends you the full amount you purchased in the same payment option you used to buy the game.

In some cases, Steam may not be able to refund your money in your preferred method. When this happens, you receive money in your Steam wallet. If your request is denied, you can appeal, especially if you had met the company’s requirements.

Selling your Steam Account

When you own games and Steam credits worth thousands of dollars, you might be tempted to sell your Steam account. Maybe you no longer like the Steam network, and you’re ready to end your relationship with the company permanently.

Regardless of your reason, it’s now possible to sell your Steam account. But before you do it, keep in mind Steam doesn’t permit it. Again, it will mean the irreversible access of your account, games, friend lists and everything else you loved about your Steam account.

If you’re ready to sell your account, the process is simple. Evaluate the value of each item in your library. How much is my steam account worth is a helpful resource that can help you value up your inventory. The service could also assess your account’s worth and purchase it once you agree to their terms.

But before you sell your Steam account, you must secure your personal information. For example, you can open a new email address only meant to help you sell the account. If you have financial details you don’t want to hand over to the new account owner, change them.

Also, once you’ve found someone to sell your account to, do you want to know how to track a phone number? This can be a great way of finding out the kind of person you’re selling your account to, and whether or not you can rely on them for an honest transaction.

Again, it’s vital to be cautious with how you market your account. Valve Corporation has banned accounts it suspected were up for sale before. The company goes the extent of cross-referencing games you promote outside Steam to trace you.

Ideally, the best way to get rid of an account is to sell it to a close friend. That way, you can complete the transaction physically and discreetly. If you must sell your account online, trade it to genuine companies.

Using an Escrow service can also help you sell your account successfully to an individual buyer. But shop around to help you get the best escrow website for video game transactions.

To Conclude

Steam doesn’t want you to sell your account, but you probably already know that. What you may not know, though, is that selling your account is much easier than earlier thought. Even when you don’t have a buyer, some sites sell accounts to sell them later on.

Alternatively, you can sell one or a few of your games and keep your Steam account. Use the tips shared above to find genuine skins trading sites and make your purchases accordingly.

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