How A WAF Can Benefit A Business From Cyber Attacks

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In an era where cyberattacks are constantly on the rise, every business must employ adequate security measures to protect ones IT infrastructure. One such method to protect and benefit a business is the utilisation of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) such as AppTrana WAF from Indusface.

What Is WAF

A Web Application Firewall, or WAF, is a protective layer between the user and the web server. It analyzes incoming requests to the server and filters malicious or ‘bad’ requests. Essentially the purpose of WAF products is to protect the web application from bad traffic and repel cyber attacks.

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How A Business Can Benefit From a WAF

While, some small businesses may consider cybersecurity measures as a nuisance expenditure. Implementing a robust WAF from a trusted provider, such as Indusface, will benefit businesses in the long run. A WAF not only provides assurance against common cyber attacks but can also potentially provide a virtual patch to vulnerable software.

We list some of the benefits a business can have by applying a WAF.

1. Protection Against Critical Online Attacks

A robust Web Application Firewall serves as the first line of defense against cybersecurity threats to web applications. It effectively protects against attacks trying to meddle with the site, such as structured query language (SQL) injection, cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), file inclusion, as well as many others.

2. Continuous Background Monitoring

A WAF does not require hiring a professional security team. Nor does it need continuous input from a user. Instead, following its application, a WAF will run in the background to monitor a site’s security and prevent common online attacks.

3. Cheap Security Measure

A WAF is an inexpensive addition to a robust security model that will be a huge asset whether for small businesses, startup firms and of course large enterprises. That is, without investing a hefty amount, businesses can reduce cyber threats to a greater extent through utilising a WAF.

4. Ease Of Integration

A website application firewall can seamlessly integrate with most servers since it does not require a large amount of technical know-how to install.

5. Protection From Legal Issues

Many website application firewalls are compliant with security regulations, such as HIPAA. While they protect businesses against cyber attacks and breaches, they can also in some cases help with compliance.

Final Word

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) serves as a cheap yet robust cybersecurity tool. Without the need to spend too much time, effort, and resources. Businesses can avoid numerous headaches simply by integrating a robust WAF within their IT systems. With enhanced security a business will be less likely to suffer reputational damage from the occurrence of a breach. It is also recommended to partner with players who provide Management of WAF as part of their service.  One such Managed WAF provider is Indusface.



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