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6 Best Websites for Streaming

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Streaming is probably not a new phenomenon to you, as streaming services provided by companies such as YouTube and Spotify have made this popular by bringing your desired content to you on your fingertips. Content provided to you via these services as you are aware of has already been prerecorded for your consumption, needless to say, the contents are not live.

Our modern world is fast-paced on the go environment with very tight schedules and deadlines. The simple pleasure of sitting in front of a television set to watch and enjoy your favorite sportsperson or team battle it out with their rivals for supremacy is gradually becoming a rarity, especially on a weekday.

You are probably wondering at this point how you can get access to live sports events on the go as you go about your daily activities. Well, look no further because you are about to be introduced to six (6) of the best websites for live sports streaming.


Some requirements are needed before you can have access to these sites, these are listed below.

  • Internet-capable device: An internet-capable device is a no-brainer here as this is the major component needed to stream live sports events. Devices such as Android phones, iOS phones, Mac or Windows-based computers will suffice for this task.
  • Browser: A browser installed on your internet-capable device provides access to the website where you can stream your favorite sport. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge are fully capable of providing access and experience.
  • Good Internet Connectivity: Streaming requires steady and good internet connectivity for it to be enjoyed because you will be updated as events happen. Make sure you are connected to the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your locale for the best possible experience.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): If you notice you are unable to connect to some websites, it is advisable to install a VPN to solve this issue. A user of the Google Chrome browser can install the best VPN chrome extension through the extension store. Google Chrome VPNs are free.

Requirements are out of the way, let us go straight to the six (6) best streaming websites.

  1.  Mamahd

Mamahd is the definition of a diamond in the rough hidden under the countless number of websites that promises to stream of live sports events but ultimately fail on that promise. Mamahd gives you a plethora of live sports events to choose from, ranging from football, basketball, boxing, formula1 to cricket, tennis, MotoGP and so much more, all arranged according to schedule. Streaming links provided are in two formats; High Definition and Standard Definition to accommodate what best suits the user. Mamahd is a free website for streaming, like other free websites, depends on ads on its page for revenue generation. If you can get past the ads, you will definitely be a fan of Mamahd as it truly delivers on its promise to provide live sports events to you.


  1.  WatchESPN


Empire and Sports Programming Network popularly known as ESPN is a household name when it comes to the world of sports. WatchESPN was first launched in 2011 as a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices but has expanded into a website that can be accessed via a browser. Due to its affiliation with ESPN, you are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice in selecting which sports event you want to stream. The only downside to WatchESPN is its availability to only US citizens. A VPN for Chrome can be used to bypass this limitation, leading you to the glorious access it provides.

  1.  Laola1.tv

One of the most popular streaming websites amongst streamers. Laola1.tv started as a haven for all things La Liga but quickly branched out to other sports events as its popularity grew. Channels are provided for the user to choose from accompanied by either streaming in either High Definition or Standard Definition. Streams can also be recorded and made available to watch in when you are free. Laola1.tv deserves a visit if you are a true sports lover.

  1.  Stream2Watch

Regarded as one of the best live sports streaming websites by many sports enthusiasts. Watch2Stream has a dark beautiful user interface which makes it suitable for indoor usage. It is trusted to be available when other streaming websites experience difficulties with their servers. Different sports are available for streaming from its easy navigable homepage. The site is filled with ads that can dampen your resolve to stream, but if you can power past this discomfort, you are assured of the best streaming of live sports.

  1.  CricFree.

CricFree, as the name suggests, is primarily dedicated to fans of cricket. Although other sporting events such as American football, soccer, rugby, and tennis can also be streamed. An ad-blocker is recommended if you plan to visit this site because of the bothersome ads embedded in its streams.

  1.  HotStar.

A streaming sports website with a difference as it not only provides links in HD for users to stream, it also provides video highlights of different sports events that you may have missed. HotStar is best enjoyed from India or the sub-continent. With the use of a free chrome VPN, you can get the best out of this great live streaming sports website. In order to enjoy this great service unhindered on a desktop computer, you are required to go premium. However, HotStar live sports streaming is free on its mobile application available on either the application store of your device.

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