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Top 5 Platforms You Can Use to Increase Your Chances of Passing Microsoft 70-741 Exam with Practice Tests

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Each year, more and more IT professionals obtain different certificates that can help them with their current job positions or can improve their skills to reach new heights in their career life. There are a lot of certification vendors that offer various credentialsboth related to their services and technologies and vendor-neutral ones. That is why you have the opportunity to follow any path you want. Especially, given the fact that most of them are in demand among the employers.

But in order to adequately prepare for any certification exam, you need to know which platforms to use to succeed. In this article, we have created a list of most popular and reliable websites that will lead you the right path through a sea of preparation platforms on the Internet.

Top 5 Websites for Microsoft 70-741 Exam Preparation

There are numerous sources that are available to prepare for the Microsoft 70-741 exam. Many websites are dedicated to provide the applicants with the appropriate tools and resources in order to equip them for the task of passing their certification test. There are training courses, practice tests, braindumps, and a host of other study materials that have been designed to help you achieve your desired success in the exam. In this certification guide, we will look at some of the best sources that are available online, which you can use to prepare for your Microsoft 70-741 test. It is important to mention that some online sites are free while others come with a subscription fee. Although the free platforms are not bad, it is advisable that you use a paid subscription website in addition to the free ones you can access. Therefore, you shouldbudget a certain amount of money to take care of your exam preparation. Below are top 5websites that you can explore to prepare for your certification test.

  1. PluralSight

This is an excellent platform to use for your Microsoft 70-741 exam preparation. PluralSight offers a lot of training courses to those professionals who want to ace their test at the first attempt. There is a series of videos that has been developed to cover every tool you need for the certification exam. The learning track offered by Plural Sight covers the fundamentals of installation and configuration of the Microsoft operating system and core services. It also focuses on establishing best practices for continuous management and maintenance.

You may want to check the training page onPlural Sight to learn more about the course and the details of what you will learn at the end of it. It is essential to mention that this training course requires that you pay a fee for access.

  1. ExamSnap


The Microsoft 70-741 training course offered by ExamSnap is designed to provide the IT specialists with an extensive practical-based outlook on the Microsoft Windows 10 products. It is created to equip the candidates with hands-on experience that will be of great help towards the exam. The course features exceptional hands-on labs that connect to individual videos, which allow you to understand the functional Windows operating systems.

Beyond takingthe training course for your certification exam, it is also important that you invest time and money into practice tests to evaluate your knowledge level. If you buy the whole bundle, you can also find practice questions. There is also a study guide in the package that you can use to enhance your knowledge. And you can also find a lot of free files that you can download.

  1. PrepAway

This platform offers a test engine for the ETE files that gives you the opportunity to take the Microsoft 70-741 exam in a real-life setting. You will be able to take practice tests as if you are taking the real exam. This will equip you with the knowledge of what to expect in the actual certificationtest and give you an idea of how you will perform during it.

It is important that you take practice tests as much as you possibly can before the actual exam. They are designed to help you make the best of your preparation so that you can be fully ready to tackle the exam questions.

  1. Exam-Labs

Here, you can also find a premium bundle for the Microsoft 70-741 exam that you can buy for a reasonable price and get all you need in one package. By spending only $24.99, you will get three products. You can also get a 5-hour training course but it is necessary to be logged in to be able to watch it. The video course has 10 chapters with all the necessary information for your certification test.

A distinctive feature of this website is that you can get an exam simulator for the VCE files. Some of them you can get from the bundle, and there are also several braindumps you can download for free to evaluate your knowledge from different sides.

  1. MeasureUp

This website is considered to be a leading provider of practice tests for the IT specialists. Many companies are partners with this platform. You can find different famous organizations among them, including Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, VMware, SCP, and even PMP. All the resources are officially verified.

As for the Microsoft 70-741 certification exam, you can find three options: a practice lab, CertKit, and an official practice test. For €137, €294, and €110, respectively. You can access the practice lab at any time, but you will have 365 days of access to the second variant of the prep resource.As for practice tests, you will have only 60 days, which will start immediately after you first access to the exam area.


As you see, all these websites have their own peculiar features. You can choose the ones that you consider the most relevant in your case. It all depends on the style of your studying and on the materials that you already have. So, we recommend that you surf through all of them, paying your attention to the details, and choose the one that catches your eye.

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