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How Clever and Secure is Your Home?

by Mic Johnson

Your home is your fortress. It may be a large fortress, it may be a small fortress. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. I am sure most of you reading this can instantly say what you like and dislike about your house. How energy efficient are you? Climate conversation is a dominating headline these days. How secure is your house? Heating, cooling and security are some of the most important pieces of your home. Does your thermostat automate itself? Can your doors automatically lock and unlock based on proximity sensors? Will your fridge alert you to pick up condiments in the store? I am not talking about some science fiction utopia, this is real. These are some of the advances in smart home iot devices development. The internet has changed the way that we live. This is none truer than in our homes. With the internet of things, everything around us is being thought of differently. Let’s discuss some of the most important areas.

Energy is used throughout a household. A smart home can use connected sensors and devices on things like your furnace and air conditioner. You can replace your old thermostat with a connected device. Advanced artificial intelligence can study your living patterns, and adjust the temperature and energy. If no one is home or around, then your heat and air will be monitored for optimization. No sense spending the money to heat or cool an unused house. This saves you money every month. If nothing else, being energy efficient is good for your wallet. Speaking of energy, you can integrate renewable energy into your smart home. This will further optimize your energy footprint, and save even more money over the long run. The same thing is true for your electricity. A smart home will optimize your electricity. This way you are only using power when you need it, for the things you need.

Be Safe Out There

Home security is very important. There is lock and key security, and then internet and network security. Both, must be taken seriously. A connected smart home can control door and window locks with sensors and timers. If you wanted to get fancy, you could include bio-metric scanning into your homes security. With more devices connected to the internet at home, it is important to ensure your systems are secure. If you are working with a company to setup your home iot system, make sure security is at the top of their list. Look to companies like Digiteum for the experience and professionalism of a top rated company. When dealing with your home, you want the best. Those are just a few examples of how your regular home can be turned into an interconnected smart home. The possibilities are almost endless, as technology advances. It will take an initial investment to startup, but you will see that investment returned after a few years through efficiency.  Just as we try and become smarter and better humans, we can optimize our homes to do the same.

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