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Top Cybersecurity Trends In 2020

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In the digital age, where many of our tasks and chores have been taken care of by machines or by smart devices. These have made things easier for us to a greater extent. It doesn’t matter anymore that you have young kids or retired parents at home, let technology answer all these concerns and problems and carry out tasks on your behalf. Now we have smart devices and gadgets and software and hardware resources that can do everything for you. Now you can add security cameras that you can program. They are made of sensors that detect abnormal movement. You can set up detection alerts on any of your smart devices so that you can promptly respond to the situation and get things done. These tasks and operations include something as small as monitoring your home. Also, this will help you turn off heaters and other devices in your home. Your retired parents will be happy with you when it comes to getting them such devices. When it is time for them to go to bed at night, they don’t have to be disturbed. But there is a slight threat that all these smart devices pose to our lives. These devices are open to vulnerabilities and have loopholes in them. This leaves the smart devices open to being hacked and manipulated in a way that they shouldn’t.

To combat such events, the cyber-security industry has evolved over time. It has good and bad elements as well. These good and bad elements are in a constant flux. They try their hand to pin down one another. Also, they are on their toes to exploit and discover loopholes in a system and carry out operations. Then there are the white hat development teams that comprise of white developers who intervene and search and destroy malware while black hat developers try to take advantage of the loopholes. This constant struggle is something that is taking place at a much faster pace than it used to be. This makes this one of the major concerns for governments around the world. Let’s have a look at what cybersecurity holds in 2020.

Attacks And Threats Posed By AI Or Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI pertaining to Machine Language are capable enough to learn from historical outcomes and events. They use data from such events, then conclude and predict cyber-security threats in the future. According to sources, Artificial Intelligence is helping out cyber-security professionals in nearly 85 percent of global industries. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence can act in both defensive and offensive ways. The reason given by nearly all cyber-security experts is that many hackers and other hacktivists might use the same Artificial Intelligence as a threat. They can launch cyber-attacks on different organizations and elements that drive the economic wheel.

One of the uses of Artificial Intelligence is to use it to automate a large group of information or data. This info can be related to a group of individuals or related to the operations of an organization. Likewise, Artificial Intelligence is used by hackers and other malicious elements to crack passwords. It can do this by creating a funnel and breaking down the number of possibilities and combinations. The decisions needed to do this can be based on the geographical dynamics, demographics and other dynamics.

Malware Through Your Sandbox:

The sandbox technology has become one of the silver bullets to detect and prevent your systems from getting infected. However, there are malicious elements who are looking for loopholes and vulnerabilities. This enables malware to get into your system without ending up in the sandbox.

Ransomware And Security Threats Related To IoT:

There are phenomena that make IoT something that you should be least know about when it comes to the security. The reason being that IoT is not used to store any valuable type of data. Even if a device that is used for IoT gets infected, there is a very thin chance that you would be feeling threatened because the data you have might be encrypted. Moreover, developing ransomware would be a pain. Also, there is a lot of money and time involved to develop something that is effective for the hacker or any other individual who is developing this threat. In any case, one should take protective measures. Also, one must not underestimate the kind of damage IoT ransomware might cause. Or in a worst case, the attackers might not choose an individual directly, but they would attack them and choose things like smart cars, smart home appliances or anything like that.

Increased State-Sponsored Attacks:

Such attacks are one of the most concerned aspects of cybersecurity and are politically motivated and usually are not intended to have a financial gain. These are designed to gain intelligence and acquire information regarding an entity. This can also mean that the electronic voting system might be a potential target and be used to manipulate the public opinion as well. There is a dire need to make sure that such attacks be taken an account for and the culprits involved should be identified and detained.

Hence, there is a lot to look forward to for people and cybersecurity analysts. Also, it is a great practice that people should stay vigilant and try using cox internet plans that will always keep users connected and secure online. Other than that, users don’t have to pay much and don’t have to bother about speeds and any kind of limitations for their internet service.

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