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Play These Games to Get Rid of Your Hacking Itch

by Mic Johnson

Learning hacking is exciting, but before you know it, it turns into an addiction. Spending hours on end trying to get by security protocols, or overriding them completely can feel quite satisfying. This is the reason that many young students are starting to choose ethical hacking as a full-time profession for themselves.

However, taking up hacking as a profession alone is not enough. Sometimes you need a break from it as well. If you are a hacking enthusiast, we know how hard it is to stop.  We have the perfect solution for you. Now you can play games where you are involved in similar activities.

So, to help you out, we have gathered some of the best games out there that are solely based on hacking activities. You would be missing out on a lot if you are not playing these games as they are filled with complex hacking techniques and engaging activities.

Watch Dogs

Starting on a light note, Watch Dogs is a brilliant game for those who want a simple hacking experience. This game was developed by Ubisoft in the year 2014. In the game, you will see a fictional version of Chicago and the whole story revolves around the protagonist, Aiden Pierce.

Pierce’s niece has been murdered so now he must make use of his unique skills in order to bring those responsible to justice. Pierce goes on to explore the whole city in the search for culprits. Through his journey, he hacks into various security cameras, office networks, and firewalls.

Pierce ignores the law in order to seek revenge since the system has been ruined by corruption. He must do everything possible if he wishes to find peace. This is definitely a must-play game in order to get started on your hacking journey.

NITE Team 4

This game is brought to us by the developers known as Alice & Smith. The game is based inside The Black Watchmen universe where you will be recruited in the Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation Team 4, or NITE Team 4 for short.

You will be assigned tasks where you would have to perform military-grade hacking, try to go through secured firewalls, hack drones, and work with remote strike teams in perfect coordination.

You can easily access the game on Steam where you can also get your hands on numerous DLC packages for a little extra cost. Just make sure to rely on services from Wave internet for playing games, for a smooth experience.


Next up on the list is yet another fascinating hacking-based game. Brought to us by Team Fractal Alligator, Hacknet is the perfect platform to enjoy flawless computer hacking simulations.

The game starts with you receiving a message from a strange username, Bill, who is apparently dead. The automated messages start to teach you all you need to know in order to start hacking computers.

As you move forward in the game, you will start to realize that there is more to Bill than what is apparent. You have to figure out what trouble awaits ahead of you and make your way through the networks and computers in order to emerge victorious. Hacknet can also be played on Steam.

Else Heart.Break()

The unique concept put forward in this game is that bits have taken over the place where once atoms were. The main character, Sebastian has just moved to the city of Dorisburg to start his life anew.

There, he meets a number of strange and exciting people who introduce him to the world of computer hacking. These friendships form stronger than ever and  Sebastian even falls in love.

The world that needs to be explored in this game is almost endless. You will have tons of things to do, places to visit, computers to hack, and even places where you can kick back and relax. It is not a matter of “Whether it will be interesting or not?” it is a matter of “When will you start playing it?”

Also, like some of the games mentioned above, this game is also available on the Steam platform.


In this strategy-bassed game, your services are up for hire for whoever pays you the biggest buck. You will be assigned various tasks where you will be required to hack into rival businesses, steal corporate secrets, and even sabotage your client’s competitors upon their request.

Whether you want to work for the ones that hired you or ignore their orders completely is up to you. You can spend your days in this simulated world engaging in activities that please you. Here, you can be the rebel you actually want to be.

You can buy this game on the official website of Introversion Software or if you prefer, you can get it on Steam as well.

A Few Final Words

Accessing files and property that do not belong to you is something that we definitely do not recommend doing so in the real world. If you feel that you cannot resist, try satisfying your hunger for hacking with these phenomenal hacking-based games. For more information, click here.

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