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Firefox Privacy Browser Best Practices for Mozilla fans in 2020

by Mic Johnson

In current times, when everyone in the world is a victim of data leak and privacy hindrance, there is an extreme requirement of private browsing, a data protection methodology available in some web browsers. It disables web cache, cookies, browser history, or other tracking functions from the browser. In this way, users can explore the Internet without leaving a trace as local data that can be retrieved later. The essential aspect of private browsing is its ability to disable cookies, which store the user’s data and makes his presence traceable. The entire game of advertising flourishes this way. Private browsing is often described as privacy mode or incognito mode. However, some people do not want to compromise when it comes to privacy, and they choose a browser that allows them to browse without keeping their data at stake.

Firefox Privacy Browser Best Practices for Mozilla fans in 2020

Firefox Privacy Browser is one such browser that provides the users with a method to protect their data. Not to forget that the browser is trendy among the masses for the same. Also, it is one of the most popular privacy browser tools. But going by the track of it, it is not a fool-proof option to continue using without any extra caution. There have been instances when Firefox’s privacy was at question, such as when Mozilla had to patch two zero-day bugs and a bug that allowed Firefox to store cached Twitter files.

If you go through these, you will realize that as a user who is concerned about his/her privacy, there are additional measures that we need to undertake to protect your privacy. As Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN, says

“The majority of consumers still have low awareness of data security and regularly engage in online behavior that puts their personal information at risk. In an increasingly connected world, everyone should take measures to protect their privacy and security”

Coming to this, we are going to tell you some measures you can employ to secure your Firefox privacy browsing further. Hope you find these helpful and practical:

Encrypt your online traffic

Although the Firefox privacy browser tries its best to protect your trace, it is still in its beta version and not compatible across all devices. Also, this private network by firefox is not able to prevent your Internet Service Providers from getting a hand at your browser history. Users who are serious about their privacy could consider connecting to a Firefox VPN add-on. People use VPN to encrypt their online traffic and prevent the ISPs from getting your data. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) expand private networks to public networks. It allows the users to send and receive data on shared or public networks as if their computing devices were joined directly to private networks. It has been a tried and tested method across all devices, and when used wisely, VPNs not only prevent your data from being stolen but also keep you protected against various cyber-frauds. By taking the appropriate measures, you can further strengthen your Firefox privacy.

Firefox Privacy Browser Best Practices for Mozilla fans in 2020

Manage your social media privacy

It is a social media world, where people upload their life on Instagram first, and then live it later. The increasing popularity of various social media platforms is commendable. And when the world is there, it makes no sense to be virtually absent. However, some things must be kept in mind to secure your Firefox privacy. While you post on social media without a thought, you must remember that the meta-data in your photos can reveal a lot of your personal information. It can attract the cybercriminals towards you since you become an easy target. It is advisable to keep your privacy settings private and practice caution while uploading anything online or sharing whereabouts or the events. Ensure that the settings are to ‘private mode’ in your Firefox privacy browser as well. Also, it is not always necessary that you geotag your location. Sharing your location on social media puts you at risk not only virtually, but also physically.

Use strong passwords

Do we even need to highlight the importance of this? There have been numerous cases where hacking passwords. The hackers got into the user’s account without a barrier and exploited all of their data. Most of the time, we do not pay attention to how much lackadaisical we become while deciding a password. Easy to crack passwords can allow hackers and other forces to enter your world without a hassle. Use long passwords with lowercase, uppercase, characters, and strengthen it. Keep changing them from time to time. Also, do not use the same password across all the accounts. It is riskier. Try to use a different password for everywhere you sign in. Keeping uniform passwords makes your virtual presence highly vulnerable and easy to exploit. If you have trouble remembering, try some password management system. Do whatever it takes to strengthen your Firefox privacy.


As we can see, there is a rising concern among the people regarding their online security. It is a good thing and needs to be appreciated. If you also belong among the people who will not put their privacy at stake while browsing online, this article has been written just for you. Some browsers have setups to protect your information, and the Firefox privacy browser is leading the game. We also saw that it is not the safest and utterly reliable option as yet. Still, once you take the appropriate measures which we were talking about in this article, you ensure more secure browsing for yourself. Always remember that your security and privacy is an essential thing which you need to protect at all costs. Do not ever fall prey to the cookie catchers, keep clearing the browsing history, and ensure that you sign up somewhere only when extremely essential.

With this article, we are trying our best to aware the internet users of various privacy issues, and help them solve the same. If you share it amongst your circle, it will be really helpful in spreading around the same.

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