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How to Talk to Your Kids about Cyber Security

by Mic Johnson

Section 1: Introduction

Talking involves speaking to give information, feelings, and ideas about a particular topic.

Days are gone when people used to use manual software for their daily activities; this is due to technological advancement, which has led to the invention of computers.

Over the realm, talking to kids about cybersecurity is significant, since it equips them with the necessary knowledge about computers and software protection.

This guide will elucidate various ways of talking to children about cybersecurity.

Section 2: Basics 

One aspiring to give a talk to children on cybersecurity should look at various ways in which the talk will be beneficial to the kids and should consider various factors.

Section 2.1: Age of kids

When speaking to your kids about cybersecurity, it is crucial to determine their age to ensure that they are in a position to comprehend what is cybersecurity.

Age of the kids also helps you to determine the language to use and materials to apply in the talk to enhance understanding about the internet safety

Section 2.2: Exposure to technology

If your kid is using or going to use the laptop or a smartphone very soon, you must start engaging him for a conversation to prepare the kid against cyber threats. (Source)

Since cybersecurity entails some concepts such as password and computer viruses, it is vital to use some analogies which are familiar to the kids.

These analogies help in bolstering the understanding of the kids during the conversation.

Section 3: Technique

To foster understanding during the conversation on cybersecurity, here are some of the tips to apply.

Section 3.1: Learn how to handle kids

Most people make a very common mistake when engaging their kids in the conversation, yet they do not know how to handle them. 

Handling the kids during a conversation is an art that helps in boosting the effectiveness of the conversation. 

Also, handling the kids improves their attention and understanding when explaining the various methods to be used in cybersecurity. 

Since cybersecurity is a crucial concept that kids need to understand, knowing how to handle them is very crucial. 

You can find some online tutorial on how to handle kids during cybersecurity conversation.

Section 3.2: Ensure that you have required tools for illustration 

Cybersecurity talk is enhanced through practice.

 Kids love engaging in funny arts. 

Therefore, when involving them in the internet safety talk, you should apply some funny arts to capture their attention.

Section 4: Rectify on common mistakes

Cybersecurity conversation to kids is not a walk-through task as most of the people tend to assume. 

Most of the people find themselves in various common mistakes as elucidated in this section.

Section 4.1: Eliminate the background noise

Children are easily affected by background noises, which in most cases, carry away their attention. 

This reduces their attention during the talk. 

Hence by eliminating the background noise will make your talk to the kid to be effective.

Section 4.2: Avoid interaction during practice

Children learn by imitation from their seniors and what they see them doing. 

When you remove the interactions during the practice will enhance the children’s understanding and imitation on various concepts of cybersecurity, which require much practice.

Section 5: Analysis of the best results

Following the intensive research, they are various practices that everyone needs to explore when speaking to the kids on internet security.

Section 5.1: Illustrate, do not just speak

Kids follow what they see during illustration, rather than what they hear. 

Using examples and demonstrations instigate a better understanding of how to stay safe, thus saving their online life.

Illustrate to the children how they can generate a strong password in their websites to reduce accessibility by internet plunderers.

Section 5.2: Be a role model

When engaging your kids in internet conversation, it’s good to set an online time limit and bid to them. 

Since as kids continue to grow, their internet navigation also grows; thus, cyber safety should remain a priority. 

Therefore, the early and regular conversation is crucial in helping the kids develop a firm foundation in using the internet safely.

Section 6: Tools you can use

  • Antivirus software
  • Encryption tools
  • Firewall 
  • PKI services
  • Penetration testing 
  • Web vulnerability scanning tools
  • Laptops 
  • Smartphones

Section 7: Final thoughts

Due to rampant technological advancement, the internet has become applicable to the daily lives of every individual. 

This creates the need to involve your kids in the cybersecurity conversation to make them use the internet safely and responsibly.

The above tips are essential to reduce unwelcoming surprises when talking to the kids about internet security.

Follow them cautiously every moment you are addressing your children on the matters to do with cybersecurity. 


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