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Top 3 HelloSpy Monitoring Features

by Mic Johnson

What is HelloSpy?

HelloSpy is a monitoring app that enables you to remotely track the online activity of another person. A variety of useful monitoring features are present in the app. This includes displaying social media app chats, tracking phone calls, showing images and videos, tracking GPS location etc. Nowadays, many people are purchasing the spying app to track online activities of their dear ones. An app like this is a really useful in helping to uncover several secrets. HelloSpy, which includes some interesting features, is one such smartphone spyware. This monitoring software offers various beneficial features, and it has easy installation and uses. It can help with tracking of the activities on both the Android as well as iOS smartphones.

How HelloSpy works?

HelloSpy passes the data found to the Control Panel of the user. This is a personalized portal where the collected information is stored, enabling easy search. The spyware requires internet access to transfer the data to the online Control Panel. That means that the destination system must have an active internet connection.

Installation of HelloSpy

Installation of HelloSpy must be on the smartphone you want to track. After installation, the spyware will start collecting data and tracking the device.

Three steps are important to install HelloSpy on an Android device:

System Settings or Configuration

For proper installation, the target computer must have an active and robust internet connection. You will also need to provide permission to authorized installation from unknown sources as well as turn off the setting for scanning of security threats in the settings option.


For installation, you should first of all download the HelloSpy apk file from the official source. Thereafter, you must install the software on the smartphone that is being targeted. After the installation is complete, restart the computer before starting using the software.

Device Registration

You must create a new account or login from the computer you are planning to track to the current one.

You can go to the Control Panel in your computer to access the information on tracking activity after installation.

In order to track somebody’s iPhone with HelloSpy, you need to perform a jailbreak on the system. For the new generation iPhones, jailbreaks are next to impossible. So, it is easier to stop jailbreaking iPhone in order to stop risks to security along with other risks.

However, it is unfortunate that iPhone users are not provided with the no-jailbreak choice by Hello Spy. HelloSpy app does not have that provision. So, it can be dangerous to jailbreak the operating system and complete the installation of HelloSpy on an Apple device. Hence, it is not advisable trying to perform a jailbreak on an Apple device at all.

Top 3 Monitoring features of HelloSpy

HelloSpy incorporates some really fascinating features for monitoring of activities on a smartphone. Some of the noteworthy monitoring features of HellpSpy include tracking of phone location, spying on text messages and WhatsApp conversations, secret call recording, tracking browsing history, remote uninstallation etc.

Here we will discuss the top three monitoring features of HelloSpy: –

Tracking of Phone Location

Tracking location is essential for safety and security reasons. The essential tool for parents is a GPS location tracker. After school, many fathers and mothers are eager to find where their child is wandering off to. Parents can instantly be aware of their child’s location through the Control Panel as soon as the HelloSpy app is active on the child’s smartphone. It can also be used for tracking the location of soldiers in the armed forces so that when on a crucial mission, their tracking is possible and the necessary assistance they may require can be available according to requirement. This HelloSpy feature can be useful for general purposes on a daily basis too. For example, tracking a friend’s location or a family member’s location to keep an eye on them and ensure their safety.


Spying on Text Messages and WhatsApp conversations

HelloSpy takes a look at all sent and received text messages. Text messages and WhatsApp messages can be a source of evidence in several cases. You can read each message and know about the time it was sent or received. HelloSpy stores texts on its servers, so that even messages that have been deleted can be read. WhatsApp messages that users share with each other are intercepted by HelloSpy. In your Control Panel, the program reveals the messages. Your online portal will also view the content of each message and time stamps. This feature is most useful for the investigating agencies as they can also access the deleted messages which may reveal important information. HelloSpy makes it easier for partners to keep an eye on each other through access to their messages and conversations.


Secret Call Recording

In motion or during activity, HelloSpy tracks the phone calls and helps you to find out who the concerned person is communicating with. Hence, mobile behaviour is monitored around the clock by the HelloSpy app to begin documenting the call when it is carried out. Call recordings are a vital source of information as they reveal the entire conversation along with the tone of the speakers. This makes it easy to infer the context of conversation from the call. So, it can be used for confidential purposes like in the Army, Navy or Indian Air Force, and also in the agencies like CBI. Calls are secretly recorded by HelloSpy, so you can utilize it without the person knowing about it.

HelloSpy is an especially useful app. It can be used for various purposes which can be beneficial. However, any of these must not be misused to disregard anyone’s privacy.


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