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10 Reasons to Switch to Ruby

by Mic Johnson

Some programmers are wondering why others have switched to Ruby. Perhaps, you are also curious about this sudden trend in the web application development industry. Well, there is a few good reasons to choose Ruby over other web languages and frameworks.

What Is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language used in various fields. It’s more popular as a web application language because of the framework called Ruby on Rails. Since it has a general purpose, Ruby is suitable for many programming tasks including Python and Perl.

Originally, it was designed to make programming fun since Ruby came from Japan where it’s mainly used to create games. It’s really important to recognize the importance of choosing powerful and cost-efficient services like Redwerk when it comes to Ruby on Rails Development. The programming code is in English, making it easier to learn if you’re a newbie programmer. This dynamically-typed language doesn’t have difficult guidelines and is the same with spoken languages.

Why Choose Ruby?

Ruby as a programming language empowers web application developers to use flexibility in solving problems through a human way unlike other languages. Also, time is precious for every programmer, so it’s crucial to employ a goal-oriented framework. Here are the main reasons why you should switch to Ruby:

  1. Many developers are happy when working with Ruby. This may be subjective, but a lot of programmers are saying they are happy when they work with this programming language. Ruby is even a more fun language to use because it’s easier to understand than other languages.
  2. The community of Ruby users is diverse and vibrant. It’s inviting and welcoming as it follows “Matz is nice and so we are nice” or simply MINASWAN. Ruby communities are very helpful and friendly, there’s rarely name calling or flame wars.
  3. Ruby is a free and open source. Most of the programming languages available are expensive such as ColdFusion. Some even cost thousands of dollars just so you can get the complete features and premium services. And while there are free CFML variants you can find, Ruby is still a better option.
  4. When it comes to package management, Ruby is the clear winner. It has gems that are essential in the first stage of web app development. It’s easy to use in handling your file uploads or when parsing a CSV. Gems can help you speed up your time to get your product and market.
  5. Ruby allows Rapid Application Development (RAD) for quicker market time. Programming time isn’t cheap which is why it’s important to use a RAD programming language like Ruby. Currently, more start-ups are using Ruby as it allows faster application time to market.
  6. Ruby is server efficient. It’s a robust and efficient server side language which assists memory usage as well as scaling. This language helps you to utilize resources more efficiently while establishing concurrency and avoiding the GIL.
  7. The programming process is much smoother and faster than other languages and frameworks. This is because Ruby is object-oriented and it offers a wide range of open source codes. Developers find it easier to move between multiple projects while following the same coding practices and structure.
  8. Ruby code is self-documenting and very readable. It increases your productivity since you don’t have to compose separate documentation. As a result, it’s hassle-free for web application developers to gather up all existing projects.
  9. When managing projects, Ruby provides agile web app development or a reiterative development method to facilitate flexible and collaborative approach. This is essential in developing web applications that are well-suited for fast-changing requirements.
  10. A key principle of Ruby programming language is “convention over configuration”. Meaning, you don’t need to work for longer hours to configure files and get setup. There’s a wide range of conventions accessible in Ruby to help you expedite web app development.

This will help you understand more about the efficiency of using this RAD programming language in developing market-ready applications.

On the other hand, using Ruby is a matter of personal preference. What works for some programmers may not work for you. Therefore, it’s advisable to get as much information as you can to make sure that this is the right programming language for you.

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