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How to Design a Website? 3 Important Tips

by Mic Johnson
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Before you just outsource your web design to a front-end development agency, it would not hurt to have some basic knowledge about web design and what to look out for with the design of your website.

It is tough to figure out some of these tips on your own, so I have included some of the major tips that are going to save you some headaches and frustrations later down the road.  Anyone at any skill level of web design should be familiar with these tips.

Careful with Images

Everyone wants the best pictures on their website because a great image can boost your brand and the perception that people have of your website.  But, did you know that some images could severely hurt your website?

Yes, there are images that if they are too big, then they could severely slow down the speed of your website.  A slow website is not going to rank as well as a fast website with Google, so you could be costing yourself some page visitors.  It is something to always keep in mind because having a slow website is a major problem.

No Call to Action

Another major mistake that a lot of beginners make is that they do not have a clear call to action.  Your website should have a plan and execute on that plan.  First, you need to think about what you want.

Do you want phone calls to your business?  Do you want customers to purchase a product?  Do you want to build a relationship with a website visitor?  All of those are clear call to actions, and that is what you need to incorporate for your website.

A website without a call to action is kind of a waste of time because you are not going to generate followers or paying customers.  You can’t expect a website visitor to convert if you do not ask for the sale! Read on for some tips and tricks to select a website development that meets your specific business needs.

Social Sharing

A final point that I would like to point out is that there are websites without social sharing buttons.  Most people that visit your website are going to have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or all of them!

Having a quick and easy social sharing button can go a long way for their network of followers to also be visiting your website and turning into fans or customers.  Depending on how good your content is, you could be gaining a lot of reach from social sharing.

There is literally no reason as to why a website should not have social sharing because it is a no brainer for more reach and organic traffic that is going to be trustworthy of your site because it came from the share of a friend.

Web design is a tricky field, and that is why some business owners opt for a front-end development agency to go ahead and take care of the rest.  It is smart to weigh out your options before moving forward with an agency!

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