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What Keyboard Trackers Are For

by Mic Johnson

Computer activity can be monitored for many reasons. Some entities do it to spy on users. However, keyboard trackers have less malicious applications. In fact, they are widely used for security purposes. The technology allows easily spotting misuse of sensitive data, and enhances overall digital defense.

Imagine you have invited third-party experts to work on your computer — for instance, to install a piece of software. And what if a guest asked to use your laptop for a while? In cases like these, keyloggers are indispensable. To see what a top-class keyboard tracker can do, click here. Find an overview of the advantages below.

What These Programs Can Do

Consider the example above. Would you be confident your data were intact? A security-conscious person is likely to check what files were opened, and if personal data was copied in secret. Situations like these are when tracing tools bring immense value.

They allow you to see all the actions taken with your keyboard. A guest user remains unaware of the software which is silently working in the background. The only sign of the tool functioning is a small image in the icons tray. However, this may also be hidden, so detection is impossible. Meanwhile, the system will:

  • record all the keystrokes,
  • record all the buttons pressed, and
  • keep a log of all the text copied to the clipboard.

This even applies to all chats, instant messengers, forums (even password-protected), social media accounts, and e-mails.

Important Uses

However, the benefits of keyboard loggers do not stop there. This technology is popular in many realms, even though it is not widely discussed outside the cybersecurity community. It is important to note that the use of such software may be subject to legal restrictions that vary from country to country.

Business Administration

Any business needs to process and store huge amounts of data. There is information concerning customers, business partners, production, development, marketing, and lots more. A portion of this data is confidential and requires special access credentials. Here, keyboard tracing tools allow spotting any unauthorized attempts.

Child Protection Online

Kids are extremely inventive when it comes to breaking parental restrictions. It is also difficult to monitor their online activity at all times. However, cybercriminals and predators are a real threat, and they are growing increasingly inventive in their ways.

You may set all possible locks to shield your child from hate speech and violent content, but what if these barriers malfunction? A keyboard tracer will reveal what sites they visited. You will also see what messages they sent.

In Conclusion

Keyboard tracking technology sounds like a spying device. However, its actual uses are far from malicious. Tools like this provide another layer of cybersecurity, which is why they are now in great demand across many industries.

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