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Push Notification Marketing – How to Make Your Strategy Fly?

by Mic Johnson

Looking for an extra marketing strategy that will let your business reach top high positions? Then it is time for you to consider push notification, push email, or just push marketing. And the five tips we have prepared for you will form the backbone of a successful push marketing campaign. They provide a good foundation for both market newcomers and the most experienced marketers.

How Does It Work With Push Notifications?

Push notifications run with the help of the https://evadav.com/ advertising platform are a must-have solution that is embedded in the development of an application. It is a great tool to perform the following functions:

  • Increase traffic;
  • Familiarize the wide audience with new content;
  • Notify users who have subscribed to the newsletter about updates;
  • Share recent news, promo content, etc.

A push notification is a short message asking you to perform a particular action. According to recent research, using push notifications allows businesses to reach the following results:

  • The user retention rate in the first month after running a push campaign is 93% higher when receiving “traditional” notifications;
  • Long-term retention rates averaged 92% higher each month for users who subscribe to push notifications;
  • The audience who subscribed to the newsletter visits the application/company site more often: on average, 26% more often per month than unsubscribed users.

What Does It Take?

To achieve these results, marketers need to feel their target audience and carefully select their content. By sticking to the following tips, you can run a successful push campaign.

 1. Feel Your Users

Push notifications can either reinforce the connection between a company and its target customers or cause annoyance. When users subscribe to push notifications, they show confidence in what you tell them to read. While using this trust, keep in mind that any message you send will in some way distract attention from what the user was doing. Make sure your message is worth it!

 2. Carefully Select the Content

The content should be chosen as carefully as the overall strategy. You need to be sure that your messages will generate interest from your audience. Better to pause and analyze what you will be updating in the app over the next month, as well as identify users who will want to know about this update. The most successful push notifications are usually based on exclusive, relevant, or targeted content.

3. Be Organized

Once you’ve decided on the content, choose which messages you will send and when you will do that. Track the percentage of their openings and keep an eye on the stats.

4. Remember About Frequency

Be aware that sending notifications more than once a week is considered unacceptable. By sending messages too often, you can become overly intrusive, and users may not want to waste their time. They will unsubscribe from the mailing list. Using a timetable makes things easier and ensures you don’t send out notifications too often or accidentally.

5. Be Original

The unconventional approach arises great interest among users and makes them feel closer to their idols. Don’t be afraid to mix up something personal in your application, just make sure everything goes according to the branding you’re trying to create!

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