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How to Receive A Fax through Web Browser

by Mic Johnson

A fax machine has its importance for the corporate world. Email and other modes of communication can never replace the faxing culture. Additionally, there are advancements in the fax system that makes it convenient.

You can now receive fax through a web browser instead of using a fax machine for it. Anyone with an online fax service can use the solution.

You can do it by using Google to Fax features of an online service provider. Here is how it works:

What is Google to Fax Feature?

Google offers different products to help you make your life easier. Gmail is one of its most popular products that enables you to send or receive emails. However, you can easily use this product to receive a fax document on your PC or smartphone.

It allows you to use a virtual fax number to share fax documents with your contacts. Additionally, you can send a fax from Gmail to a fax machine with the same process.

To use this feature, you need an online fax service that is compatible with Gmail. You can find dozens of such platforms offering similar services.

Here is our preferred platform to do it:


CocoFax is an online fax service that allows you to send or receive a fax document remotely. CocoFax’s website offers a simple way to send your confidential documents to a virtual or real fax number. You can create an account on its website and get a unique fax number.

It will help you receive any fax to your online account. There is cloud storage to help you store and manage your documents securely. Additionally, you can attach your Google Drive to the platform and use that space to manage your documents conveniently.

It is because the account is created by using a Gmail account. Therefore, you can keep using google drive to upload and send any document within a few seconds.

We love this application because it can send a fax document to a real fax machine as well. Additionally, you can add some favorite contacts to share multiple faxes with them instantly.

Advantages of Using CocoFax

Here are some of the advantages of using CocoFax as your fax service provider:

Unique Fax Number

The most significant advantage of using this platform is its unique fax number. You do not need to own a fax machine to receive your fax remotely. Instead, you can get a virtual fax number from this website and use it to accept or share documents with your contacts.

The best part is that the number is free and does not charge you any additional costs. Therefore, you can keep receiving fax paper even if you do not have an active membership.

Works Without Membership

It brings us to our next advantage. You can send some free fax documents without subscribing to a membership. Although there is a limit on some faxes per month, you can still try its services without paying anything.

It is crucial because most websites do not offer any free fax option. And requires you to subscribe to a membership to use its services.

Secure and Encrypted

CocoFax has a secure server that allows you to share your documents without any security issues. The server is maintained privately, and no third parties have access to your data. Additionally, they encrypt the fax paper to keep it confidential.

Hence, even if someone gets access to the document, they can not decrypt it without the private keys. These private keys are created in the recipient’s device automatically.

Easy and Reliable

If you are worried about the complicated process of receiving a fax through a web browser, worry no more. The whole process is quite simple and does not include any confusing steps. Additionally, it is convenient as you do not need to stay around your fax machine anymore.

It has a dedicated application to help you stay connected with your clients wherever you go. Visit its website to download the latest version of its mobile applications.

How to Receive a Fax With This Technology

Receiving a fax with CocoFax is an easy process. Here’s how you can do it:

Create an Account

You can create an account on CocoFax to get a fax number. You can provide basic details to create an account on this platform. You can choose your fax number with your favorite digits. This number is attached to your online account and helps you receive any fax on your web browser. 

Share Your Fax Number With The Sender

If you want to receive a fax from a fax machine, you need to send them your unique fax number. However, if the other person is also using CocoFax services, you can keep them in your contacts to share papers conveniently.

Once you share the fax number with the sender, wait for them to send you the document.

Receive the Fax Paper Instantly

CocoFax will send you an email alert to let you know about the received document. It will move to cloud storage so that you can download it from there. However, you can install its mobile application to get instant push notifications.

This method will help you receive fax through a web browser. 

Tip: Adding people to your CocoFax account makes it much easier to share your received documents. Additionally, it eliminates the problem of incorrect fax numbers with the default configuration.

Final Words

Receiving a fax on a fax machine may require a lot of time and patience. Therefore, you can use CocoFax’s solution to receive them on your web browser. Additionally, there are CocoFax’s reliable mobile applications that let you stay updated with your papers.

Out of all other fax services, we like it for some legit reasons. It provides a free fax number and lets you receive any many faxes as you want. That too, without subscribing to a membership. However, its memberships are affordable and provide an excellent way to manage your documents.

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