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Nuclei- A Fast and Customizable Vulnerability Scanner

by Yash Anand
Nuclei ethical hacking tool

Nuclei is a tool that is used to send requests across the given target based on a template leading to zero false positives and providing fast scanning on a large number of hosts. It offers to scan for a variety of protocols including TCP, DNS, HTTP, FILE, etc.

Nuclei use the YAML based template which provides flexibility so that all kinds of security checks can be modeled with Nuclei.

Nuclei Installation

There are three different ways to install the nuclei.

Installing using Binary

It is the easiest way to install, download the pre-built binaries from the releases page. Download the only binary which is compatible with your system. Extract them using tar and move the binary to your $PATH.

tar -xzvf nuclei-linux-amd64.tar.gz
mv nuclei /usr/bin/
nuclei -h

For the next two methods, it requires the latest go version install in your system. You can check the install version by using the command “go version“ if go is not installed you can follow this link to install the go.

Installing using Source

GO111MODULE=on go get -u -v github.com/projectdiscovery/nuclei/v2/cmd/nuclei

Installing using Github

git clone https://github.com/projectdiscovery/nuclei.git
cd nuclei/v2/cmd/nuclei/
go build .
mv nuclei /usr/local/bin/
nuclei -h

Downloading Nuclei Templates

nuclei -update-templates

How Nuclei Works

Running single template.

nuclei -l urls.txt -t files/git-core.yaml -o git-core.txt

Running multiple templates with speed.

nuclei -l urls.txt -t files/ -t tokens/ -t cves/ -pbar -c 100 -o output.txt 
  • -l:-   List of URLs to run templates on
  • -t:-  Template input file/files to run on the host. Can be used multiple times.
  • -c:-  Number of concurrent requests.
  • -o:-  File to write output
  • -pbar:- Enable the progress bar.

What Bunny rating does it get?

The tool is free from false results, fully configurable templates and can be used for large scale scanning, as a result, we will be awarding this tool a rating of 4.5 out of 5 bunnies.

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