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Why You Should Run Your WordPress Site On Ubuntu

by Mic Johnson

If you are contemplating launching a WordPress website, you might struggle to find the best operating system to run it on. The list of factors to keep in mind is endless, and you may not know the key attributes of each of the major operating systems. With that being said, Ubuntu has emerged as a favorite among some WordPress web owners. Read on for five reasons you might want to run your WordPress website on the Linux-based operating system.

1. Ubuntu is affordable

Ubuntu is free to install, use, improve, and share. There are no licensing fees involved, making it suitable for beginners and any web owner operating on a budget. The catch is that it has a steep learning curve and may prove difficult for non-techies to master. Still, that shouldn’t be an impediment for anyone determined to enjoy the numerous benefits of the operating system. You can hire an expert to set up an Ubuntu server for you or get on the web and learn from the gurus. This step-by-step guide by SpinupWP contains everything you need to know about setting up an Ubuntu 20.04 server to run WordPress at lightning speed.

2. Solutions are easier to find

The best thing about open-source software is that it is a product of many minds, and someone somewhere has a specific component, feature, or function down pat. This means the solution to whatever problem you might encounter is probably in a YouTube tutorial.

3. Ubuntu is easy to update

Running the most recent version of your operating system is extremely important, no matter your OS. Updates usually fix bugs, offer security patches, and increase the functionality of your operating system. You will need these for the smooth running of your website. Each of the mainstream operating systems has a reasonably expeditious update release schedule, but Ubuntu has the edge on the rest in that its installations take place in the background. You won’t need to pause your project and restart the engine for the installation to finish.

4. Ubuntu doesn’t have a GUI

While some applications and tasks work better and are more manageable in a GUI environment, running your WordPress website might not require that. A graphical user interface uses up a great deal of your computer’s processor and memory that are needed in performing server-oriented tasks. Ubuntu doesn’t have one, and that makes it potentially faster and more cost-effective.

5. It is more secure

Ubuntu’s security superiority is largely down to the fact that it is open source. There are thousands of developers working on it, and it is easy for someone to spot a bug or back door and patch it. More to the point, users enjoy more flexibility in setting up their website’s firewall and bolstering their overall site security on Ubuntu than any other operating system.


Ubuntu might not be as popular as Windows, but it certainly offers more benefits for anyone trying to run their WordPress website easily and securely. As long as you get the setup part right and keep your operating system up to date, you shouldn’t have any trouble running your site on Ubuntu.

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