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Experience-Based Review of Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk

by Mic Johnson

Even though we all spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, our bodies weren’t actually designed to do so. Sitting at a desk all day hunched over a computer causes many problems for our backs, necks, shoulders, and arms. To help solve this issue, some office furniture manufacturers have developed desks which can be adjusted to standing height. This enables you to work standing or sitting which gets your blood flowing, keeps you moving, and stops you from sustaining common injuries. Desky has a wide range of standing desks and we have taken their Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk for a test ride.

Here’s what we found:

The Specs:

Height Adjustability: 60-125cm

Weight Capacity: up to 140kg

Adjustability Speed: 36mm /sec

The Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk from Desky provides users with the best of both worlds as it is adjustable from 60cm to 125cm. This range of heights is ideal for changing your working position from sitting to standing and back again throughout the day. Posture is very important when sitting at a desk and the minimum 60cm allows users to sit comfortably with their back straight and both feet planted while the 120cm is ideal for anyone to stand, even users as tall as 7ft. The automatic height adjusts at a speed of 36mm per second meaning that the desk can go from sitting to standing in just ten seconds. 

The Tech:

The adjustable height of the desk is powered by dual motors which are capable of lifting up to 140kg. This means that even a very heavy computer and work setup will be no problem for the motors. Frame stability is vital at all times with any desk and the Ergo Edge is definitely one of the most stable on the market. The motors themselves are operated with the simple push of a button and are totally concealed in the frame of the desk. There are even 4 programmable settings so that you can save the best heights for you without having to work them out each time. Desk’s products all have ultra-quiet motors and the Ergo Edge is no different meaning that you can go from sitting to standing in silence. 

The Build:

Desky’s products have all the awesome tech that is needed in a top-of-the-line desk but where they really stand out is the quality of the desktop. Available in black, white, and bamboo, the Ergo Edge desktop is made from 100% organic, sustainably sourced hardwood. This is not only environmentally friendly, it is also incredibly scratch resistant and has a beautiful, glossy finish. The desk incorporates a uniquely cut edge which enables users to sit right up next to the desk and easily reach anything on the workspace. The desk frame is solid and weighty, and the three-stage telescopic legs are right up there with the sturdiest we have tried. What is most pleasing about the Ergo Edge’s legs is that they achieve this stability whilst at the same time are built with a very thin design giving the user extra leg space beneath the desk. This is achieved with wide steel feet which keep the whole desk sturdy without taking up any space.

The Extras:

Desky really has pushed the boat out when it comes to the extras on the Ergo Edge. There is a 10 Year warranty on all parts meaning that if something goes wrong, you can be assured of a repair or a replacement. The desk incorporates an anti-collision system and a child locking prevention system to ensure that no accidents occur. The desk comes with a built-in USB charge port and with the option of an additional cable management system with cut-out areas for using up to 8 power points. The desk was easy to set up and required absolutely no additional tools for installation. All the construction holes were pre-drilled and only needed the included inserts to be plugged in and tightened with the provided hex key.

The Verdict:


The Desky Dual Ergo Edge Sit Stand Desk does everything you would expect from an adjustable standing desk but it does it with a little extra style. The quality of the hardwood and the overall stability of the frame show you straight away that you are dealing with a top-of-the-range piece of office furniture. The tech is really top-notch, with an ultra-smooth transition from sitting to standing height taking just ten silent seconds. With the 10 year warranty provided by Desky guaranteeing every part of the desk, the Ergo Edge really is one of the best standing desks available on the market today. 

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