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Kdan PDF Reader Review: A Convenient Alternative To The Leading PDF Editors

by Abeerah Hashim
Kdan PDF Reader

Today, PDF has become the most convenient document format for all users. From e-books to sensitive documents such as contracts or bank statements, you will see PDF format in use everywhere. That’s because it offers superior portability and compatibility for all device platforms. However, despite its prevalence, getting your hands on a reliable PDF editor with comprehensive features is a chore.  Nonetheless, Kdan PDF Reader has emerged as a one-stop solution for all PDF editing needs.

Kdan PDF Reader Review

Kdan PDF Reader, unlike its name, is more than just a pdf reader. Specifically, given the features it offers, this tool is a dedicated PDF editing program for pro users.

Top Features

Whether you wish to edit your PDF files for minor corrections, alter the page count and alignment, or need to quickly convert your PDFs in other formats, this is the best PDF editor for all purposes.

Below we list the most notable features of this PDF editor that we really liked while testing this software.

File Converter

The biggest nightmare for any PDF user is to have an inconvertible file that needs editing. Kdan’s PDF Reader solves this problem by offering seamless file format conversion. You can either transform your PDF files to text or image formats or vice versa even with a standard subscription.

If you go for the premium Document 365 subscription, you can get even more formats to convert PDFs to, including MS Office formats.

PDF Editing

Of course, that’s what you expect from a PDF editor, though Kdan’s PDF Editor also comes with many features to modify your PDF documents.

In addition to regular editing like text highlighting, page addition/deletion/rearrangement, and filling forms, you can also use this tool to enter new text within the PDF. On Windows, the app supports Windows Ink for free handwriting.

PDF editor for Windows

Moreover, you can also add shapes, time stamps, and hyperlinks to your documents with ease.

Kdan PDF Reader stamps


Another useful feature you can find with this tool is BOTA – an abbreviation for four different features: bookmark, outline, thumbnail, and annotation.

PDF Reader offers these features ensuring compatibility with other PDF software. Thus, you can easily open or share your annotated files with anyone without fearing losing the edits.

File Encryption and Decryption

Need to protect your documents? PDF Reader does it for you by offering a simple “Encrypt” feature. Simply select the document and click on the “Encrypt” option to set up a password for it. Once done, nobody else can edit the protected document without the password.

best PDF editor

Adding Images

Aside from texts and pages, this tool also lets you add images to PDF files. That too, without having to convert your documents to other editable formats.

Kdan PDF Reader add image to PDF

Simply select the image you want to add and place it accordingly within your document.

Platform Compatibility

This tool offers amazing cross-platform support. You can easily find a dedicated PDF Reader app for Android, iOS, Windows, as well as Mac devices.

Setting up the app

Overall, Kdan PDF Reader is very easy to download and install.

For Mac users, while the app is available on the Mac App Store, users can also download the tool directly from their website.

This facility, however, is not available to the users of other platforms. But that’s not a problem since you can find the dedicated app in the relevant app store, such as the Google Play Store for Android, Apple App Store for iOS, and Microsoft App Store for Windows.

After downloading, the next key step is to create an account with Kdan Cloud.

Kdan PDF Reader cloud

Though, not a necessary requirement to use the tool, having an account gives you the additional benefits of device sync. Plus, you also get up to 1TB of cloud storage if you subscribe with a premium plan. Though, even if you sign-up for a free account, you still get 500MB of space.

Pros and Cons

Kdan PDF Reader comes with multiple useful tools to edit PDF files. Some of the features unique to this software are the ease of password-protecting the files, arranging document pages, and compatible annotations.

The premium subscription plan offers a wide range of features, one such feature is the conversion of PDF files into doc., docx., ppt., and other Microsoft Office formats. This restricts the users from using this tool as the main PDF editor unless they choose to pay.

Additionally, the added 1TB of cloud storage makes subscribing to it worth the money.

Kdan PDF Reader Subscription Plans

This exciting PDF editor is available for free for all users across all device platforms. No registration or payments required. However, for those who wish to get more of the premium features.

Kdan offers two different upgrade options within the PDF Reader Windows version:
  1. Document 365 Subscription: Users with subscriptions can access all advanced tools and service across all versions of PDF Reader (iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows), including PDF to Office conversion.
  2. Permanent License: Only unlock the advanced features in the Windows app.

What Bunny rating does PDF Reader earn?

Given the ease of use, friendly layout, and the general availability of the tool for free, Kdan PDF Reader safely earns 4/5 bunnies.


In all, Kdan PDF Reader is a wonderful PDF software for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It doesn’t occupy much disk space. Nor does it require you to have any technical knowledge to use its features.

You can easily test this tool by utilising their free trial offer.

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