Google Launched End-to-End Encryption To Android Messages App For All Users

Google has recently rolled out end-to-end encryption to all the users of the Android Messages app. The feature arrives after months of testing with beta users. The tech giant also launched Earthquake Alerts and other interesting features with the latest update.

Android Messages End-to-End Encryption

Google has recently announced the release of end-to-end encryption to its Android Messages app. The app serves as the default SMS and RCS app on most Android phones.

Despite its extensive use that includes sensitive data (such as 2FA codes), the app lacked the much-needed e2e encryption, giving Apple’s iMessage an edge.

However, months after announcing the launch of this feature in November 2020, Google has now released end-to-end encryption for all users globally. Initially, the feature remained limited to the beta testers only.

According to the updates shared, this feature currently applies to one-to-one chats between Messages users with chat features enabled.

Users will know about the active e2e encryption on chats as a padlock sign will appear at the top of the screen.

Earthquake Alerts And More Features Also Released

Alongside end-to-end encryption, Google has also introduced numerous other features that will rejuvenate Android users’ experience.

The most useful of these (after e2e encryption) is the Earthquake Alert feature. As explained, this feature will generate alerts to the users before the earthquake hits.

To remain effective, the feature works differently across the globe. As described,

In the U.S. our alerts are powered by the ShakeAlert system. But across the globe, our mobile devices are working together to create the world’s largest earthquake detection network.

In addition to these, the latest Android updates also include the “Starred messages” feature and shortcut to Google Assistant. Also, the new app brings the “Emoji Kitchen” to the users to let them know the recently used stickers.

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