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No more hide and seek with the Magento 2 Elasticsearch module

by Mic Johnson

What do you think the most important elements of an internet store are? This is, of course, the search feature. The reason for this is that customers must be able to locate the things they require promptly and without difficulty. The more sales you have, the faster they obtain the right results.

The current add-on is intended to offer you a useful search tool. Furthermore, it has excellent compatibility, making it a must-have module for all users. This add-on is based on the Elasticsearch engine, which is utilized by a lot of other websites because it’s an open-source platform with a lot of capabilities. There are no online stores that would be unhappy with this engine. Get the most out of your time with this plugin, which allows you to integrate Elasticsearch into Magento and optimize search results. Users will fall in love with your online store when they see for themselves that they can find anything in no time, regardless of whether they are using a PC or a mobile device at the time


Let’s go right to the heart of the overview — the list of perks and options — without further ado. This is the fastest way to make yourself familiar with all the pros and cons and form and attitude.

Autocomplete feature

Autocomplete saves a lot of time and allows users to complete searches much more quickly. Customers are advised to choose one of the offered options by the add-on, which anticipates prospective items. Furthermore, while customers are typing the name of a product, the TypeAhead feature analyzes the most prevalent requests in the store to deliver the best option. The Fast mode is also available to Elasticsearch users. What other benefits does this feature provide?

  • Management is simple. Select the type of information that will be presented in search results.
  • Content that is diverse. This search returns not only product names but also supplementary information. This, for example, makes it easier for people to find the right page.
  • Popular Searches. Allow everyone to see what the bulk of people are looking for. Use the top chart of searching inquiries to promote your special offers or the most popular items.
  • Ready to use on a mobile device. Compatibility is always a plus, especially these days. Mobile devices are used far more frequently than PCs. As a result, having the autocomplete feature in mobile versions is fantastic.

the mobile interface

Searching Options

Because it analyzes all inquiries and provides users with interesting offers, this feature understands exactly what you want. As a result, the initial page should always include what customers want to see in order to attract their attention and entice them to stay. Furthermore, once a specific request(s) is(are) made, you can manage the positions of specific commodities on the sites on your own.

Morphology is another significant consideration. People may make mistakes, which, sadly, will result in no search results. This is completely inappropriate. The extension offers comparable queries with the proper Morphology you could have been seeking for using cutting-edge technologies.

You can search by the following attributes:

  • By means of code. Look for products with unusual symbols in their codes. This speeds up the process because online shoppers can search for items by SKU and ISBN.
  • Words of distinction. Another feature that allows customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, even if their request doesn’t match the product perfectly. To improve the precision of searching, simply create a list of words.

the example of synonyms list

  • All misspelled requests will be ignored without this extension. Meanwhile, the module corrects all wrong terms automatically, ensuring that users get the best results possible.
  • Suggestions for alternatives You may not have a requested product in stock right now for whatever reason. To avoid disappointing clients who are looking for this item specifically, the module displays the most similar results currently accessible.
  • Requests that are related. Another technique to provide a decent option is to display what other customers with similar preferences are looking for. This collection of related requests can be used as a guide for consumers.
  • Multiple languages are available. This benefit is well worth mentioning: all of the features are compatible with any language. As a result, the Elasticsearch add-on provides a very adaptable platform.

Make it simpler to seek

Any content that appears in your shop’s web version can be found. To put it another way, if it exists, you can look for it. To be more specific, the following is a list of content types that consumers may seek:

  • The search process takes into account all product attributes.
  • Consumers can see all of the matched categories.
  • Consumers will also be able to see the values of specific properties thanks to the extension.
  • Pages created with CMS. In addition, all pages that match the request will be presented.
  • Plugins from third parties. This module can also scan the content of other plugins and external systems. You can, for example, look through the WordPress Blog or the Knowledge Base.
  • Content created specifically for you. Connect data sources that you believe may benefit your clients. This content will be included in the search results thanks to the addon.

Speed and Scalability

In terms of speed, the engine employed as a foundation ensures that consumers may find products in milliseconds. This has a good impact on your business because it has a significant impact on consumer feedback and sales volume. In terms of speed, today’s package has the following features:

  • The navigation is layered. This plugin speeds up everything and keeps the servers from being overloaded, unlike the MySQL request in normal Magento, which is slow and consumes too many resources.
  • Massive catalogs and high-traffic sites necessitate a unique strategy. As a result, this add-on employs a cluster to process data with the help of multiple servers, allowing you to keep your online store’s performance at its peak.

Additional benefits

Because some functions are difficult to put together, we decided to create a generic block with a few additional benefits that will make your eCommerce life a bit easier:

  • It’s possible that you’ll end up on a 404 error page, which isn’t ideal. The module sends your consumers from 404 pages to the search results they require, so they don’t end up in a position like this. If a user discovers a product that is no longer on the list, the module will immediately redirect them to a page containing related goods. This can help you save a lot of cash. Furthermore, the plugin enables buyers to locate the exact match. This means that if only one product is located, users will be directed to the appropriate page rather than search results.
  • Separate pages are required. You can make unique pages with their own meta-data that look exactly like the rest of the catalog pages. This is designed to make catalog administration and SEO optimization easier. Make landing pages for a variety of keywords and phrases. It could, for example, be a page dedicated to a certain request, with only related products presented. Furthermore, creating and maintaining such pages is rather simple. Customers may be redirected to landing pages in various circumstances. Especially if they’re looking for certain words. However, you should use caution when using this feature to avoid making a mess.
  • Using Google as a search engine. Allowing users to search your website’s content directly from the Google search box is a fantastic concept. This raises the likelihood of attracting new clients and increasing sales.
  • You already know that analytics is at the heart of a successful organization because it allows you to correct existing problems and prevent future ones, which is why it’s critical to have some reports to look at. The first report is on search phrases, and it lists the most popular. And then there’s the issue of volume. This report also provides data on the number of requests made and the number of times customers clicked on them.

If you wish to learn more about this module, all you need to know is that the Elasticsearch Engine is utilized by a number of global services, including Wikipedia and GitHub, for example.


To summarize all we’ve learned about the Elasticsearch Magento extension, we believe that employing basic features is unnecessary. The search is a focus point for such businesses, and if you want to make money and grow your company, this module will undoubtedly assist you. Even if you think it’s expensive to purchase such extensions, you should always be more prudent and think in terms of the long run. Such a great investment will save you plenty of money in the future and help you earn even more than you could’ve earned before.

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