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Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are the Best Choice for Small Businesses

by Mic Johnson

With the promise of seamless implementation, ease of remote access, cost-saving, and increased productivity, everything is moving to the cloud, and phone systems are no exception. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an integral part of small businesses in the 21st century. 

Communication is crucial for businesses as it helps all levels of your business on the same page. Being stuck in the traditional phone system can waste valuable time in your business’s hours of operation. Implementing a cloud-based phone system will benefit your business in many ways. Read on to learn why you should switch from the traditional phone system to a cloud-based phone system. 

  1. Unified communications

Unlike a traditional phone system that comes with limited features, a cloud-based phone system allows you to consolidate all your business communication in one platform. This includes video conferencing, faxing, team chat, instant messaging, voice mail, email, social media, web application, and internal tools such as CRM. In turn, unified communication helps to streamline operations, improve employee productivity, foster team collaboration, and enhance organizational agility.

In a tech-driven world, small businesses can’t afford to ignore cloud technologies like a cloud-based phone system. Get in touch with an IT consulting services firm to help move your business to the cloud. 

  1. Top business features

Switching to a cloud-based phone system allows you to enjoy the type of network applications that one would normally find at larger businesses. These include the following features: 

  • Auto attendant
  • Never miss a call
  • Virtual assistant
  • Call center solutions
  • Customizable on-hold music and marketing messages
  • Call analytics
  • Paging
  • Multi-way conferencing
  • Ring groups
  • Call forwarding

  1. Budget-friendly

Whether you are trying to reduce costs or scaling back services, a cloud-based phone system provides innovative features ideal for small business use. Since it uses the internet to transmit voice data, you don’t have to install expensive equipment and cabling in your office. In addition, VoIP helps to eliminate long-distance charges. With a traditional phone system, long-distance coverage attracts additional charges. There are long-distance fees when using a cloud-based phone system. 

When you combine the cost savings with improved profitability thanks to boosting productivity and improving customer experience, your cloud-based phone system pretty much pays for itself. 

  1. Business integrations

Even the best traditional phone system doesn’t come close to a cloud-based phone system when it comes to business integrations. A traditional phone system is the most disconnected element in the communication chain, and it’s impossible to integrate it with your business applications. However, you can easily integrate a cloud-based phone system with productivity apps. For instance, you can easily add call transcripts to CRM software such as Salesforce or HubSpot. Integrations like this help to streamline communication within your business and with your customers. 


The future of small business phone systems is in the cloud, and it’s time small businesses made the switch to realize these benefits. Say goodbye to outdated and frustrating phone solutions and take the crucial step to future-proof your small business

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