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D-BOX Technologies Confirms Recovery Following Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
D-BOX suffered ransomware attack

A recent victim of ransomware attack turns out to be the haptic motion technology firm D-BOX Technologies. The firm admitted the cybersecurity incident in its latest security notice as it underwent system recovery.

D-BOX Suffered Ransomware Attack

As revealed via a press release, D-BOX Technologies has suffered a ransomware attack earlier this month. The firm first disclosed the incident on July 14, 2021, shortly after detecting and containing the attack.

D-BOX Technologies is a Canada-based haptic motion technology company serving simulation, training, and entertainment sectors.

Specifically, the incident partially affected the company’s network causing some of the systems to shut down. However, it didn’t fully impact the firm’s operations that continued even after the attack. Since D-BOX has already segregated internal systems from those managing its clients, the attack didn’t affect its partners or services. As stated,

D-BOX has always maintained a clear separation between its internal IT systems and services for its partners. The Corporation believes that the impact of the cyberattack was limited to internal systems, and that its services to studios and theatre operators were not affected.

D-BOX also confirmed the same following external investigation reports, hence, ruling out the possibility of a supply-chain attack.

In addition, according to the report of an external firm specializing in cyber incidents, analyses show that its clients’ systems were not breached or affected during the cyberattack. Therefore, D-BOX does not anticipate that any security patches to its services or software updates will be required for its partners as a result of the cyberattack.

For now, the details about the attackers and the extent of the attack remain unclear. Also, the firm hasn’t revealed anything about whether the attackers stole any data from its network, and whether or not they have paid the ransom amount.

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