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3 Redefined Trends for Cyber Security Investing (2021)

by Mic Johnson

Strategic support solutions are often reserved for leading companies. With digitalization expanding rapidly, all businesses want cybersecurity processes to provide them with what they require at a reasonable price.

Organizations of all sizes must be prepared to safeguard themselves from what may come next, with data-driven applications expected to produce $13 trillion in new economic activity by 2030.

What 2021 has to bring in cyberspace as we recover from the biggest pandemic in a century? Here are 5 cybersecurity rules that are being redefined by cybersecurity investing, security trends, concepts, and motifs.

1. Stricter Security Measures for Remote Work

Hackers can now take advantage of weak staff devices and networks because of the rise of remote work. Furthermore, the Internet of Things has altered the mechanics and scope of the growing cyber assault surface. 

Hackers have many choices to penetrate cyber-defence and decrypt data, with approximately 50 billion connected gadgets and trillions of sensors functioning among them.

As online dependency develops in 2021, businesses will struggle to deal with the far-reaching consequences while still attempting to stay secure. Here, the talk is about developments that are not just feasible but also ones that should be expected. 

Cybersecurity investing firms need to look at these factors that will shape cybersecurity shortly and how businesses will need to adapt as threats and technology become more prevalent.  

2. Smarter Solutions to Counter Hackers

The global epidemic has hastened the current trend toward working remotely, in which people earn a wage outside of the stateful network. Hackers will then take advantage of security flaws discovered in the gaps among people, devices, and the central node.

Cybercriminals will develop new and imaginative ways to attack people, their homes, and their gadgets in order to gain access to your trusted corporate network in 2021 and beyond, according to Watchguard’s predictions. 

Strong tools seek to provide businesses and decision-makers with what they need to develop a smart, strategic approach to change and interruption.

3. Handling Ransomware  

Ransomware has become more complex and technically advanced. Hackers and APTs will continue to use hacker and APT strategies, painstakingly probing and researching the target organization’s network to find the most valuable/vulnerable systems, hijack administrator accounts, and execute simultaneous blitz attacks utilizing conventional admin tools.

 “We are quite likely to see assaults camouflaged as ransomware but targeting completely different purposes – a replay of the ExPert technique,” says the report.

Since attackers have marvelled at analyzing randomly infected machines linked to industrial spaces or have unrestricted access to them, infections will be less random or have non-random follow-ups.

Access to such systems will be resold to more advanced gangs with particular techniques for financing attacks on processing sites already in place – and possibly is already being done.


Businesses must invest in cybersecurity as smartly as possible; the digital transformation is unfolding far too swiftly to overlook. Look for solutions that safeguard each area of your business’s operations to stay ahead of the curve — your sales volume will thank you afterwards.

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