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US CISA Pushes Vendors For BrakTooth Patches After PoC Goes Public

by Abeerah Hashim
CISA urges fixing BrakTooth Bluetooth vulnerabilities

Months after researchers detailed Braktooth bugs, they now have released the PoC exploit to the public. US CISA urges all vendors to deploy fixes for the BrakTooth bugs at their earliest to avoid potential exploit.

CISA Urges Fixing BrakTooth Bugs Quickly

In a recent advisory, US CISA has emphasized the urgency of fixing BrakTooth bugs. This alert arrives soon after the researchers who initially discovered the bugs made the PoC exploit tool publicly available.

Briefly, BrakTooth bugs caught attention earlier this year when the researchers published a detailed study on the vulnerable Bluetooth Classic (BT) protocol. They tested Bluetooth devices from 11 different vendors and found a total of 16 security flaws that they collectively named “BrakTooth”.

These vulnerabilities affected different devices, including commonly used smartphones and laptops. Exploiting the bugs could result differently (from DoS, device crashes to arbitrary code execution) for different devices from various vendors.

The researchers published their study after responsibly disclosing the vulnerabilities to the respective vendors. Consequently, some of the vendors had already patched the bugs when BrakTooth made it to the news. Whereas some others were on the way to deploying fixes, and hence, the researchers didn’t publicly release the PoC exploit tool. However, they could provide it to the respective vendors on request.

However, now that it’s been a while since the initial disclosure, the researchers have lifted the PoC embargo. So now, anyone can use the tool to test the devices for BrakTooth vulnerabilities.

Given the seriousness of potential malicious exploitation of BrakTooth flaws, US CISA has now issued an alert for all vendors yet to fix the bugs.

Some More Vendors With Vulnerable Devices

According to the updates shared on the researchers’ webpage for BrakTooth, the vulnerabilities affect more devices than previously reported.

Specifically, the additional affected devices belong to Samsung, Mediatek, and Airoha. And none of them have entirely fixed the bugs until the time of writing this story. However, all three are working on this matter, so the respective fixes may arrive soon.

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