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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Office Security

by Mic Johnson

Office security might be the least of your concerns if you’ve been running a business for a long time because nothing has happened so far. But, your existing security solutions may have some gaps or might be able to handle significant threats.

With the upgrades in technology and increase in scam mechanisms, businesses are at various security risks every day. According to statistics, burglary, known as property crime, was the most common type of crime in the U.S. in 2020. If your only security measure is the lock on your front door, it might be time to rethink a few things. Here are some signs that you need to upgrade your office security.

1. Growing Number of Staff Members

If the last time you upgraded the system was before your company grew, you probably didn’t have too many people go in and out of your workplace. As the company grows, you need systems for Photo ID Cards to ensure you’re keeping track of all employees. Unfortunately, data loss often occurs due to human error, and if your company does encounter such an event, it might be challenging to figure out who was at fault.

When you have an efficient ID card system, you can make it necessary for your employees to scan their cards before entering areas with sensitive information. You can track who accesses which information through this step and also prevent unauthorized entry.

2. More Visitors in the Office

As your business grows, the number of clients or customers will expand too. So, the more visitors that enter your office, the higher risk your office possess. It is essential to introduce a visitor ID card system to ensure you can keep track of who enters your work premises.

It can be helpful to keep tabs on visitors in your office at all times. Without an ID card system, anyone can enter your office and gain insider information or monetary assets, leading to losses for your company.

3. Higher Volumes of Cash

Your company is most at risk when there are high volumes of cash in the picture. It is crucial to safeguard any physical cash present in the office. The number of criminal attacks is likely to increase when a large sum of cash is at stake. So, if your company is storing cash in the office, you need to take security measures seriously to avoid losses and physical harm to staff members and yourself.

4. Increase in Tangible Assets

The more tangible assets you own, the higher the number of targets on your back. Criminals who fish out people to exploit often look for vulnerabilities. For example, if you get new and expensive computers for your entire company and the word gets out, people might try breaking in to steal the assets.

To protect your tangible assets, you need to limit the number of people that enter your premises during working hours. In addition, you have to install surveillance cameras in every corner of the office.

5. Backdated Security System

Last but not least, if your security system has been the same for a few years, it is worth looking into carefully. In today’s time, technology continues to evolve, creating more opportunities for better protection.

Keep your company safe by staying alert and always being on the lookout for security loopholes. Stay up to date now to avoid complications in the future.

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