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4 Benefits of Earning Your Masters in Cyber Security

by Mic Johnson

It’s been estimated by McAfee Securities that there has now been over $1 trillion in losses from cybercrime. Those numbers reflect personal and professional breaches that have resulted in financial loss. The seriousness of cyber threats to the modern markets has increased the demand for specialists.

There are currently more than three million job listings for companies that are looking for cyber security specialists. If you are leaning towards a career in computer sciences, cyber security has unlimited opportunities for suitable candidates.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current education or are looking for a career path, an online Master of Cyber Security could be the right move for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of earning your Masters of Cyber Security.

Job Security

With cyber security threats increasing in frequency and sophistication each year, the demand for specialists is far outweighing the supply of qualified candidates. Entering a job field that has such extreme demand, can assure you that your job will be secure going into the future. Many candidates are sorting through competing offers from companies with impressive compensation packages and onboarding bonuses. As the modern age forges through the digital age, there is no reason why a job in cyber security cannot take you through your career. 

High Salaries

With the demand for cyber security specialists at an all-time high, they are now among the highest-paid workers in the technical industry. The average cyber security starting salary is over $80,000 with an earning potential beyond $95,000. As you continue to climb up the cyber security ladder to more senior management positions like Chief Intelligence Officer, your earning potential is above $380,000.

Career Options

With a Masters in Cyber Security, your career options are unlimited. Most senior positions require a degree for qualification. Here are a few of the exciting positions you can qualify for with your education:

Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Also known as an Information Security Analyst, this position involves the planning and implementation of security systems within the online platform. This planning may include disaster recovery programming.

Security Auditor

  • This position requires you to work with various companies and organizations to evaluate their security systems and provide feedback on needed improvements. 

Cybersecurity Architect

  • This position involves the design, programming, and implementation of a company’s complete security systems. 

Network Administrator

  • This position involves the monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting of the network of a company.

Flexible Programs

If you want to pursue your Masters of Cyber Security, you have the option of studying online. Since the 2020 pandemic, many top schools have converted their programs to a largely digital platform. Flexible online programs allow students from all backgrounds to study at their own pace. For busy professionals that want to upgrade their education, online Master’s programs allow them to remain in their careers and work towards their future. 

There are virtually millions of reasons behind why earning your Masters of Cyber Security is a smart move. Take a look at some of these benefits and consider if gaining your higher education is the right future for you. 

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