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Why You Should Never Use a Free Proxy Server?

by Mic Johnson

Some websites can limit their content from audiences in certain geolocations. To overtake the blockage, you might use a proxy server or virtual private network. They process your web request and route them via different servers in the allowed locations.

But this isn’t necessarily the safest way to browse the web. People behind those servers might set up a honeypot to intercept your data. So, you use a secure and free proxy list to maintain safety and anonymity simultaneously.

Proxyway provides a safe and free proxy list here. Check them before risking your valuable information.

What Is Honeypotting?

A honeypot is bait to lure potential attackers. Often, honey potting is used to identify hackers, defend the system from attacks, and find vulnerabilities of the system.

In this process, a computer or network is set up similar to that of a real network. But this is an isolated system, which is monitored closely. Once hackers target this network as a potential hive full of nectar, information on different parameters is gathered to reveal their identity and determine the threats.

Law enforcement agencies use this trick to trace the IP addresses and location of hackers. Enterprises use honey potting to find vulnerabilities in their system and develop the overall security of the system against similar attacks.

The same can happen when you use a free proxy server. Whenever you make a request through a proxy server, it often intercepts the data midway and can even manipulate them.

Data leak is the biggest threat of using a free proxy server. The server between you and the target web server can scrape crucial information about you and your system.

Are Free Proxy Servers Really Free?

Nothing in this world is free. You might find a free proxy server online and think someone has set it up to help people. But it is never the case. Proxy servers are used to lure you to the network and gather information about you.

If you closely watch the address bar of your browser while using proxy servers, you will see that the proxy server uses HTTP connections instead of HTTPS. What does this mean?

HTTPS connections encrypt your data, so no one can snatch them on the way. But HTTP connections send unencrypted data, which can easily be snatched and manipulated midway.

Proxy service providers gather this information and use them for mapping your online activity to show targeted ads. They can even modify the HTML or JavaScript code of your website to display advertisements.

But things don’t end here. If an evil person hosts the proxy server, h/she could steal sensitive information like your passwords, bank details, or credit card information and make fraudulent activities on your behalf.

Your computer can also be used as a part of the proxy server without your consent. All these refer to just one thing; free proxy servers aren’t actually free. They cost you safety!

Are All Free Proxies Bad?

Though most of the free proxy servers aren’t reliable, you can still get some free proxy servers that won’t steal your information or make your system vulnerable to attacks.

But these proxies are often offered by providers we know as premium proxy providers. You might get a freemium proxy which doesn’t cost you as much as premium proxies but will give you a safe environment to browse the web.

These servers will also maintain your anonymity without gathering your information. Some of them provide a free trial to check the performance of the server.

How to Check a Free Proxy Server?

You can check a free proxy list with different checkers available online. These checkers will measure various parameters of those proxy servers and show you the best connection possible.

For example, a safe proxy server should always have an HTTPS protocol so that your data gets encrypted before taking off. The connection speed of a good proxy server will also be moderately fast.

You can analyze the information from these checkers to determine the safest proxy server. But if you don’t want to take the hassle of trial and error or are in a hurry to connect to a website, you can use free proxies verified by Proxyway.

So, What Are the Best Free Proxy Servers?

Simply use the free proxy list mentioned above to watch any location-specific content or browse through the web anonymously. Proxyway tests all the proxy servers based on different aspects and certifies them so that you can reliably use those servers.

They won’t steal your information or show you targeted ads by modifying your content. Your computer will also not be used as a part of the proxy network by these providers. Enjoy the most out of a proxy server without compromising your safety with these free proxy servers.

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