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ID theft tools small businesses should invest in 2022 – Tighten your security

by Mic Johnson

For the cybercriminals and the hackers, small businesses are the major targets. With the increased effectiveness of attackers, cybercrime has become of the most threatening risks to small businesses both old and new. Stolen or hacked data can have a crippling impact on a small business, leading to tarnished reputation, dent in credibility and lost time. Just as businesses need to keep measuring its MTTR MTBF to make sure their performance is fruitful, similarly, they should also invest in the best ID theft tools to tighten their security.

In order to protect your small business against compromising bank data, or customer and employee identity theft, you have to utilize any of the following ID theft tools. Keep reading to know about their names and unique features.

iDefend Business

This is an ID theft tool that has been designed to safeguard the reputation of your business, its privacy, credit and money. iDefend Business, in fact, claims to be the first in the industry to offer such an effective and impactful business identity theft program. The tool keeps actively monitoring your business to check if there is any fraudulent use of business details. It offers instant warnings for any kind of suspicious activity, 24X7 online access to business details, and also includes reports and alerts from Experian.


ESET comes second in the list and it provides personalized security solutions, which means that the businesses can create the best security tool as per their individual needs. From endpoint security to remote management, email security to encrypting files, ESET lets businesses choose the type of products based on the size of their businesses.

Lookout Mobile Security

Does your business depend a lot on mobile or hand-held devices? If yes, Lookout Mobile Security is for you as this is going to provide you with the best possible protection service. This is a rather powerful ID theft tool that protects businesses from data leakages or other malware threats. Lookout Mobile Security makes sure that mobile and hand-held devices soon don’t become an overlooked end point in a small business’s property maintenance plan.


For all the small business firms that are on a tight budget, Comodo is an ID theft tool that offers reasonable solutions for cyber security. Comodo One is a free IT platform that offers RMM or Remote Monitoring and Management. With their free anti-virus, small businesses can also keep their services secure. The tool offers firewall protection, internet security, paid and free SSL certificates and several other services.


Unlike large companies, small businesses usually are not blessed with huge budgets from which they could spend a fortune on security. Symantec is a company that identifies these challenges and offers programs that can be chosen by companies with small budgets. The all-inclusive security suites include email filtering and scanning, disaster recovery and instant backups. There is also antispyware and antivirus protection, privacy and firewall protection and several other features for best protection.

Trend Micro

For all the small business firms that are looking for an easy and quick solution to safeguard their important files and business data, Trend Micro is a hassle-free tool for them. This is an all-in one cloud solution that offers heightened web security, email protection, and endpoint in one product. The best thing about this tool is that you can get it at a very low cost. Hence, small businesses can safeguard their customers, employees and also themselves from anywhere at a very low cost. Trend Micro is therefore a perfect solution for businesses that operate on a low budget.

Identity thieves use your stolen data in several ways – they file fraudulent tax returns, they take out loans, and they even use your insurance details for paying for their medical needs. Hence, if you want to avoid this, it is best to take preventive measures and check for identity theft with the above-listed tools.


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