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Reasons Why Everyone Should Use A VPN

by Mic Johnson
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If you have ever connected to a public Wi-Fi network but were concerned about your data being exploited by your internet provider or simply wanted to have access to Netflix that is not offered in your area, consider using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you do not know what VPN is, it’s a service that encrypts your data and will hide your IP address by sending your network activities through a secure chain to a different service that might be miles away from you. Your identity will be hidden even on public Wi-Fi networks so you can safely and securely browse the internet anonymously. If you would like to try it out before making a commitment, click here to get a VPN Trial

Why Using A VPN Is a Smart Move

Even though connecting to your home Wi-Fi is convenient, you are running the risk of being observed by someone on the internet.  In other words, your private information is out there for the taking. Using a VPN will protect your personal information by hiding your browsing history, banking information, passwords, and other valuable data from prying eyes.

Your ISP or internet service provider has access to all your internet data. They can collect this information and sell it to advertisers even if you are using their private browsing function, in turn, this is very dangerous in the wrong hands.

On top of that, many other platforms like Facebook can get your information and most have been called out for their bad practices. Even though streaming services, like Netflix, do not like people blocking their information while watching films in other countries where the service is not provided, you will be safer. VPNs send out false information about where you are streaming from even if it’s not available locally.

If you are thinking about getting a VPN service for your company, your employees can connect to the office network and peruse sensitive material on their devices when they are away from the office. More companies are opting for remote work since the pandemic so VPN is an excellent investment to keep all data from your office secure and safe.

If you are concerned about whether a VPN is easy to use, the answer is yes! There are several providers have made installation user-friendly for those who are not technical.

Most VPN companies offer different protection plans and different capabilities to protect multiple devices as well. You need to do a little research on different VPN providers to find one that works best for you and your company.  Pricing is an important part of choosing the right provider. Many businesses will be given the same amenities for a range of prices depending on the area they are located in. You can actually save money by changing the appearance of your location and get even better savings. 

VPNs are not perfect. If cookies are enabled on your computer, others can follow you when you are on their site and after you leave. If you want full obscurity, VPN alone will not always work. You should get an additional open-source tool to be totally anonymous.

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